September 1999

  • Rhetoric of Freedom

    "Emancipation is the demand of civilization," Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in April, 1862. "That is a principle; everything else is an intrigue." Atlantic articles by Emerson and Frederick Douglass comment on Lincoln's greatest decision, and his greatest legacy.

  • Dow 36,000

    Has the long-running bull market been a contemporary version of tulipmania? In explaining their new theory of stock valuation, the authors argue that in fact stock prices are much too low and are destined to rise dramatically in the coming years

  • Lincoln's Greatest Speech

    Frederick Douglass called it "a sacred effort," and Lincoln himself thought that his Second Inaugural, which offered a theodicy of the Civil War, was better than the Gettysburg Address

  • The Mystique of Betty Friedan

    She helped to change not only the thinking but the lives of many American women, but recent books throw into question the intellectual and personal sources of her work.

  • Schooling the Imagination
    David Pohl

    Schooling the Imagination

    Waldorf schools, which began in the esoteric mind of the Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner, have forged a unique blend of progressive and traditional teaching methods that seem to achieve impressive results -- intellectual, social, even moral.

  • Told You So

    The writing on the wall -- and the bottle, the box, the stroller, the doe...

  • The Stuff of Myths

    The old-fashioned island of Cyprus inspires Mediterranean idylls

  • Brief Reviews

    by Brooke Kroeger. Times Books, 496 pages, $30.00.

  • 77 North Washington Street

      Hassett and Glassman. JAMES K. Glassman and Kevin A. Hassett, who in their separate careers have written widely about economic matters,…

  • Letters

    On Parole. The Great Disruption. Advice & Consent. On Parole I read and reread Sasha Abramsky's thoughtful article about the looming…

  • The September Almanac

    Demographics School starts in most districts this month, but for some 1.5 million children -- a record number -- the classroom will be at…

  • Word Court

    H back, forward and up as applied to events in time, timetables, and schedules. If one is referring to a planned future event, and if said event…


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