June 1999

  • When They Get Out

    How prisons, established to fight crime, produce crime.

  • Eden: A Gated Community

    The plot contains elements of Lost Horizon and Heart of Darkness, Fitzcarraldo and The Tempest. After making a fortune as founder of North Face and Esprit, Douglas Tompkins embraced the principles of deep ecology. Then, forsaking civilization, he bought a Yosemite-sized piece of wilderness in Chile, where only he and a like-minded few would live. They intended to show the world how an eco-community could flourish even as the ancient forest was kept pristine. Tompkins ran into one big problem: other people

  • To the Animal in the Hole

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). I've come back a few times, seen you hurrying away. and, once, seen your eyes, the…

  • Building Wealth

    One of the nation's most influential economists asks a few basic questions. How does knowledge create wealth? How can societies incubate entrepreneurs? What skills will the entrepreneurs need?

  • Kissinger, Metternich, and Realism

    Henry Kissinger's first book, on the Napoleonic Wars, explains Kissinger's foreign policy better than any of his memoirs, and is striking as an early display of brilliance and authority

  • The Mirror of Dorian Gray

    Mirrors never lie, they say. But how much truth do we really want?

  • When They Get Out

    How prisons, established to fight crime, produce crime -- a sequel to our December cover story, "The Prison-Industrial Complex"

  • The Wild New West

    Daredevils, coots, and cowboy poets love Moab, Utah -- and so does at least one all-American family

  • Politically Correct Planting

    When gardening becomes a crusade, it's time to pause and take stock

  • Red Sauce Revisited

    The backlash against a noble tradition has gone too far

  • Brief Reviews

    photographs by R. Valentine Atkinson,foreword by Nick Lyons. Lyons Press, 176 pages, $39.95.

  • 77 North Washington Street

    CONOR Cruise O'Brien, the author of the memoir "Two Deaths in Rathmines," in this issue, was born into Irish politics. His earliest memory,…

  • Letters

    Victory at Sea. Prison-Industrial Complex. Pick Your Part. On Tibet. Einstein and Planck. Victory at Sea David M. Kennedy writes in…

  • The Almanac

    Demographics June is the busiest month for moving companies, as many families take advantage of good weather and children's summer…


The Death of Film

You'll never hear the whirring sound of a projector again.


How to Hunt With Poison Darts

A Borneo hunter explains one of his tribe's oldest customs: the art of the blowpipe


A Delightful, Pixar-Inspired Cartoon

An action figure and his reluctant sidekick trek across a kitchen in search of treasure.


I Am an Undocumented Immigrant

"I look like a typical young American."


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion



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