September 1998

Charles C. Mann, “Who Will Own Your Next Good Idea?”; Ellen Ruppel Shell, “Could Mad-Cow Disease Happen Here?”; Francis Davis, “Swing and Sensibility”; Yusef Komunyakaa, “Venus of Willendorf”; and much more.

  • Could Mad-Cow Disease Happen Here?

    Britain's horrifying experience taught us a few things, but perhaps not enough to preclude an outbreak of our own

  • Who Will Own Your Next Good Idea?

    Some corporations want to lock up copyright even tighter. Some naive intellectuals want to abandon copyright altogether. Where is a "do-nothing" Congress now that we need one?

  • Tuscan Tomatoes

    Panzanella combines two ingredients Tuscans hold dear -- fresh tomatoes and old bread

  • Swing and Sensibility

    Whatever Frank Sinatra sang, he swung, and his musicianship will endure longer than the swagger that today's singers so admire

  • The Time Has Come

    Thinking about the logical next step in the funeral industry's evolution

  • The Fulcrum of Europe

    Romania longs for the West, and the West needs Romania more than it knows

  • Poor but Prosperous

    Development and quality of life can't always be measured purely in economic terms. The Indian state of Kerala is a case in point

  • Come Back Irish

    As a child she had kept a pony in a small stable behind her house. One afternoon, in a moment of pure misunderstanding of her own motives, she had encouraged it to bite her

  • Escapade

    The Atlantic Monthly; September 1998; Escapade; Volume 282, No. 3; page 119.

  • Half a World Away

    Buenos Aires is a European city six months and a hemisphere out of synch.

  • The Hidden Nature of Systems

    A prominent social scientist explains how complex social connections affect international politics, economic competition, and the environment

  • The Pleasures of Formal Poetry

    THE WORLD BELOW THE WINDOW: Poems 1937-1997 WILLIAM Jay Smith published his first book of poems in 1947, inaugurating a…

  • 77 North Washington Street

    "I WAS the sort of kid," says Charles C. Mann, the author of this month's cover story on the future of intellectual property, "who has a new…

  • Letters

    , June Atlantic) who found Peter Schrag's analysis of the California initiative process ("California, Here We Come," March Atlantic) overly hostile…

  • The September Almanac

    Demographics. September is the busiest month of the year for military reunions, largely because hotel rooms are widely available at off-season…

  • At Last Count

    (Click on the map above to see a larger version (85k)). THE map above shows the demographic landscape of the…

  • Word Court

    IN RULES that are to take effect next month, President Bill Clinton has ordered federal agencies and departments to use "plain language," rather…


A History of Contraception

In the 16th century, men used linen condoms laced shut with ribbons.


'A Music That Has No End'

In Spain, a flamenco guitarist hustles to make a modest living.


What Fifty Shades Left Out

A straightforward guide to BDSM

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