August 1998

  • Pesto By Hand

    The oldest—and still the best—way to make most people's favorite pasta sauce need not be the most laborious

  • 'Invent Radium or I'll Pull Your Hair'

    Set in the Germany of the Great War and the years after, this is the story of how young Doris Schmitz fought for independence from her Prussian mother, got an education, and fell in love with an eloquent young Austrian named Peter Drucker

  • The Torch and the Hearth

    Fire, this book argues, has been the central ecological factor in the making of the European landscape, an abiding symbol of Western civilization, and a forge for ideas about nature from the Neolithic to the Cold War

  • 'Road Rage' Versus Reality

    A media coinage that rests more on the infectious appeal of alliteration than on the weight of evidence

  • Craft's Stravinsky

    Through his own artistry, the writer and conductor Robert Craft shows us anew Stravinsky's music -- music Craft knows better than anyone else

  • 77 North Washington Street

    "WRITING is a sacred calling -- but so are gardening, dentistry, and plumbing, so don't put on airs." Garrison Keillor, the host of the Public…

  • Letters

    Special Moment. Bilingual Education. Editors' Note. Special Moment. Bill McKibben ("A Special Moment in History," May Atlantic) is, I suppose,…

  • The August Almanac

    Government. This month philanthropy-minded postal customers can elect to pay eight cents extra for a special first-class stamp, with the net…

  • Word Watch

    by Anne H. Soukhanov. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition. Beltropolis the 257 square miles within the…


Juice Cleanses: The Worst Diet

A doctor tries the ever-popular Master Cleanse. Sort of.


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion


What If Emoji Lived Among Us?

A whimsical ad imagines what life would be like if emoji were real.


Living Alone on a Sailboat

"If you think I'm a dirtbag, then you don't understand the lifestyle."


The Future of Iced Coffee

Are artisan businesses like Blue Bottle doomed to fail when they go mainstream?



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