May 1998

Bill McKibben, “A Special Moment in History”; Edison Miyawaki, “Listening to St. John's Wort”; Kenneth Brower, “Photography in the Age of Falsification”; John Updike, “Licks of Love in the Heart of the Cold War”; and much more.

  • Running Out of Time?

    The fate of our planet will be determined in the next few decades, through our technological, lifestyle, and population choices.

  • Licks of Love in the Heart of the Cold War

    If a man can't walk around in his own country without fear, what business does he have selling freedom to the Russians?

  • The Case Against Bilingual Education

    Why even Latino parents are rejecting a program designed for their children's benefit

  • A Special Moment in History

    The fate of our planet will be determined in the next few decades, through our technological, lifestyle, and population choices

  • Photography in the Age of Falsification

    The wildlife photography we see in films, books, and periodicals is often stunning in its design, import, and aesthetics. It may also be fake, enhanced, or manufactured by emerging digital technologies that have transformed—some say contaminated—the photography landscape.

  • Listening to St. John's Wort

    Medical science meets the "natural Prozac"

  • The Oasis of Memory

    An outpost of stability in the shifting sands of our time

  • Writer's Block

    The Atlantic Monthly; May 1998; Writer's Block; Volume 281, No. 5; page 91.

  • New England Places

    The Atlantic has been headquartered in New England for 140 years, so the staff members and contributing editors have had plenty of time to explore it. Here are some of our favorite spots

  • Saint Ursula

    The personal and professional attention she pays makes Ursula Oppens a composer's pianist

  • Insidious Weakness

    Named for Eugene Debs, and raised in a socialist, racially liberal household, Orval E. Faubus, the governor of Arkansas during the 1957 desegregation crisis, was not the last politician to be hollowed out by ambition

  • 77 North Washington Street

    THE January, 1990, issue of The Atlantic Monthly contained a word portrait of a long-deceased hero of Canadian environmentalism. His name was…

  • Letters

    Edward G. Shirley replies:

  • The Almanac

    Government. May 26: Starting today the federal government will, quite literally, become more involved in the nuts and bolts of society, as…

  • Word Court

    Acold temperatures in our area." I have always thought of temperature as a dimension, with the word modifiable only by high or low. I believe that…


A Stop-Motion Tour of New York City

A filmmaker animated hundreds of still photographs to create this Big Apple flip book


The Absurd Psychology of Restaurant Menus

Would people eat healthier if celery was called "cool celery?"


This Japanese Inn Has Been Open For 1,300 Years

It's one of the oldest family businesses in the world.


What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?

Science cannot fully explain near-death experiences.

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