December 1997

Robert D. Kaplan, “Was Democracy Just a Moment?”; Alan S. Blinder and Richard E. Quandt, “The Computer and the Economy”; Paul R. Ehrlich et al, “No Middle Way on the Environment”; Jonathan Scull, “All Sales Are Vinyl”; and much more.

  • Was Democracy Just a Moment?

    The global triumph of democracy was to be the glorious climax of the American Century. But democracy may not be the system that will best serve the world—or even the one that will prevail in places that now consider themselves bastions of freedom.

  • No Middle Way on the Environment

    The authors, environmental scientists, warn that in the debate between "cornucopians" and informed prophets of the dangers posed by overconsumption, splitting the difference won't work -- and that the cornucopians are wrong.

  • Garlan

    Reflections on an unlikely family heirloom

  • Almanac

    Government December 31: A new security measure for domestic flights is scheduled to take effect today. According to a mandate from the Federal…

  • Blinder

    Will information technology ever produce the productivity gains that were predicted?

  • Rubin

    In tribute to those who are forgotten but not gone

  • Hiss

    Across America disused railbeds are being converted to trails for hiking and biking. Soon a national trail will link the coasts

  • Moss

    The Canaries offer different visions of the sublime

  • Scull

    Shopping for LPs in the many villages of downtown New York City

  • Sweetness and Light

    Wines for dessert that are neither cloying nor overwhelming.

  • Schwarz

    The American South may be joining the national parade, but writing about the South still tries to establish its distinctiveness

  • Toward a New Public School

    REINVENTING PUBLIC EDUCATION: How Contracting. Can Transform America's Schools by Paul T. Hill, Lawrence C. Pierce, and James W.…

  • 77 North Washington Street

    MORE than thirty years ago, in August of 1967, an essay by a distinguished thirty-seven-year-old novelist and critic then teaching at the State…

  • Letters

    A Grief Like No Other. Classical Appeal. Critical Theory. A Grief Like No Other. It's a shame that Eric Schlosser's well-placed compassion…

  • At Last Count

    RECENT discussions of the nation's physician work force have focused on its imbalance -- the oversupply of specialists and the…

  • Word Watch

    A selection of terms that have newly been coined, that have recently acquired new currency, or that have taken on new meanings, compiled by the executive editor of the


How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

Cooking for yourself is one of the surest ways to eat well.


Before Tinder, a Tree

Looking for your soulmate? Write a letter to the "Bridegroom's Oak" in Germany.


The Health Benefits of Going Outside

People spend too much time indoors. One solution: ecotherapy.


Where High Tech Meets the 1950s

Why did Green Bank, West Virginia, ban wireless signals? For science.


Yes, Quidditch Is Real

How J.K. Rowling's magical sport spread from Hogwarts to college campuses


Would You Live in a Treehouse?

A treehouse can be an ideal office space, vacation rental, and way of reconnecting with your youth.

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