October 1996

Conor Cruise O'Brien, “Thomas Jefferson: Radical and Racist”; James Fallows, “A Talk With Bill Clinton”; Donald Hall, “From Willow Temple”; Nicholas Lemann, “Banana Man”; and much more.

  • A Conversation with Donald Hall

    Donald Hall, author of the short story "From Willow Temple," in the October, 1996, issue of The Atlantic Monthly, is staggeringly prolific: he has…

  • A Talk With Bill Clinton

    The President shows himself to be at once confident about what we should do to better life for the next generation and guarded about how much we can achieve toward that end

  • India Cotton Shirt

    Hear Erica Funkhouser read this poem (in RealAudio). She saw it in a secondhand shop, another woman's shirt given away. in a fury of…

  • The Sub-Seabed Solution

    Far from being embraced, a promising solution to the radioactive-waste problem faces stiff opposition from the federal government, the nuclear industry, and environmental interests

  • Thomas Jefferson: Radical and Racist

    In the multiracial American future Jefferson will not be thought of as the Sage of Monticello. His flaws are beyond redemption. The sound you hear is the crashing of a reputation.

  • The Empty Symbolism of American Politics

    Seeking a middle ground, liberal and conservative politicians alike propose split-the-difference "solutions" to our problems which seem plausible and pragmatic but do not, of course, represent solutions at all. What's missing? The dimension of reality,

  • Clinton Scandals, Inc.

    Whitewater, the author writes, exemplifies the old saw that a lie can travel halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on. 

  • Salsa Without Tears

    You don't have to go for the burn to appreciate the subtlety and tingle of Mexican food.

  • Banana Man

    A pseudonymous Los Angeles columnist stirs up the Korean-American community.

  • Say Something

    They're only children

  • From Willow Temple

    During the day my parents tried to carry on as they always had. I was impressed by the aplomb with which they behaved, "for the child's sake." Their ability to deceive, to be utterly different by day and by night, carved itself into my soul.

  • Two Kinds of Paradise

    Nevis has one of theCaribbean's grandest resorts and someof its most historic inns.

  • A Birth-Control Crusader

    "The Sex Side of Life"--Mary Ware Dennett's Pioneering Battle for Birth Control and Sex Education

  • 77 North Washington Street

    -- THE masthead in this issue of The Atlantic Monthly is the first one in seventeen years that does not bear -- "boast" would be a better word…

  • Letters

    -- Breast Cancer Is Spirituality Irrational? Singapore Slings Savages and Men Breast Cancer Although I am not qualified to judge…

  • The Almanac

    Almanac -- The October Almanac. Environment This month New York City and State officials will reveal details of a plan to close…

  • Word Court

    M me and I incorrectly. For example, "Will you go to lunch with Mary and I?" or "Why did you not contact Jerry or I ?" I know that in both…


The Horrors of Rat Hole Mining

"The river was our source of water. Now, the people won't touch it."


What's Your Favorite Slang Word?

From "swag" to "on fleek," tweens choose.


Cryotherapy's Dubious Appeal

James Hamblin tries a questionable medical treatment.


Confessions of Moms Around the World

In Europe, mothers get maternity leave, discounted daycare, and flexible working hours.


How Do Trees Know When It's Spring?

The science behind beautiful seasonal blooming

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