July 1996

  • Gap Politics

    The famous gender gap is often described simply as good news for one party--women are moving to the Democrats. But it's a two-way gap--even more men have moved to the Republicans. Each party and its candidates now appear to represent, at least in part, the interests of one sex against the other

  • Cover Art

  • The Forces Making for an Economic Collapse

    Why a depression could happen

  • 745 Boylston Street

    -- Hans Koning's article in this issue, "Germania Irredenta," about a lingering German desire for lost properties and territories, offers a…

  • Letters

    -- LETTERS Mideast Oil Forever? Advice & Consent Mideast Oil Forever I am surprised that The Atlantic Monthly would print an…

  • The Almanac

    Almanac -- The July Almanac Arts & Letters July 4, "Rings: Five Passions in World Art"--an exhibit that forms the …

  • Word Court

    -- Word Court. thanks to thanks to thanks to due to. J. Nina Lieberman. Where blame is more to the point than gratitude,…


Juice Cleanses: The Worst Diet

A doctor tries the ever-popular Master Cleanse. Sort of.


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion


What If Emoji Lived Among Us?

A whimsical ad imagines what life would be like if emoji were real.


Living Alone on a Sailboat

"If you think I'm a dirtbag, then you don't understand the lifestyle."


The Future of Iced Coffee

Are artisan businesses like Blue Bottle doomed to fail when they go mainstream?



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