March 1996

  • A Bazaari's World

    To understand Iran—and perhaps even the future of other parts of the Islamic world—one must understand a man like Mohsen Rafiqdoost

  • Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment

    CALMLY, patiently, with considerable bravery, the instructor at the shooting range shows me how to fire the submachine gun, a MAC-11--the first…

  • Cover Art

  • No Phone, No Pool, No Pets

    Living in a van

  • In Full Bloom

    Strolling through an array of England's private gardens

  • The Java Theory

    The Internet might someday replace the personal computer -- but for now only conventional software can get you where you need to go

  • Wages Matter Most

    The political book of the year predicts a Progressive revival--and is too easy on Bill Clinton

  • 745 Boylston Street

    -- David Schiff, whose music essays have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly for several years, writes with a composer's ear: when he isn't…

  • Letters

    -- LETTERS What Should Children Learn? Lead Poisoning. What Should Children Learn? Paul Gagnon's "What Should Children…

  • The Almanac

    Almanac -- The March Almanac Q&A Stutterers have a genetic predisposition to focus tension in their vocal cords, which…

  • Word Court

    I have always understood the verb include to refer to a number of items that make up a portion of a larger whole, as in "The alphabet contains …


Why Do People Love Times Square?

A filmmaker asks New Yorkers and tourists about the allure of Broadway's iconic plaza


A Time-Lapse of Alaska's Northern Lights

The beauty of aurora borealis, as seen from America's last frontier


What Do You Wish You Learned in College?

Ivy League academics reveal their undergrad regrets


Famous Movies, Reimagined

From Apocalypse Now to The Lord of the Rings, this clever video puts a new spin on Hollywood's greatest hits.


What Is a City?

Cities are like nothing else on Earth.



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