Marital Differences

The national divide over gay marriage is a recipe for legal confusion—but we should learn to live with it

Nature & Environment

This is the fourth in a series of archival excerpts in honor of the magazine's 150th anniversary. This installment is introduced by Bill McKibben, the author of The End of Nature, Wandering Home and the forthcoming Deep Economy.

The Man Who Would Be King

George W. Bush threatens creeping autocracy unless Congress and the courts act jointly—and forcefully—to stop him

Primary Sources

Another problem for Pakistan; the teachers nobody wants; why you can't trust what you read; unhappier by the dozen?

How to Shampoo in French

A reference guide

Not Conspicuously Intelligent Design

Primary Sources

Keeping tabs on the war on terror; bigger, brainier downtowns; synonyms make you stupid

The Preacher

Bishop T. D. Jakes wants his flock not only to do good but to do well, and his brand of entrepreneurial spirituality has made him perhaps the most influential black leader in America today

Civil Rights & Black Identity

This is the second in a series of archival excerpts in honor of the magazine’s 150th anniversary. This installment is introduced by Randall Kennedy, the Michael R. Klein Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the author of Interracial Intimacies, and Race, Crime, and the Law.

Going Coastal

Away from the heat and bustle of Morocco’s historic cities lie some of the friendliest and most tranquil places in North Africa

77 North Washington Street

Primary Sources

A less violent world; why black mothers may be better off unwed; one (very good) reason to resist early retirement

Politics & Presidents

This is the first in a series of archival excerpts in honor of the magazine's 150th anniversary. This installment is introduced by Robert Dallek, a presidential historian who is writing a book on Nixon and Kissinger.

Lincoln for President

October 1860

How Books Become Immortal

September 1891

What College Graduates Owe America

August 1894

The Purpose of Poetry

February 1964

Why the Culture War Is the Wrong War

It's time to challenge the metaphor—and the easy caricatures of left and right that sustain it

Tribal Relations

How Americans really sort out on cultural and religious issues—and what it means for our politics

The Values Racket

The Twelve Tribes of American Politics

Misfit America

Many of the values and cultural attributes that once made the United States unique have eroded; those that remain look increasingly ugly to some foreigners. Is our evolving national character a liability in our foreign relations?

Executive Privilege

The CEOs of too many public companies enjoy the power and rewards of ownership without the risks. Corporate values have deteriorated as a result

Two Cheers for Hypocrisy

As the Gallup Organization has discovered, the young are another country—and one day it's going to be ours

Mapping America's Values

How our cultural attitudes stack up against 
those of other countries


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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