Sea Change

The transformation of the Arctic

The Petraeus Doctrine

Iraq-style counterinsurgency is fast becoming the U.S. Army’s organizing principle. Is our military preparing to fight the next war, or the last one?

All Counterinsurgency Is Local

Prosecuting the war in Afghanistan from provincial capitals has been disastrous; we need to turn our military strategy inside out.

Land of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island has stunning beaches, expansive vistas—and the bizarre, fascinating mix of fact and fiction known as “Anne’s Land.”

How the West Was Wired

Two idealistic Taiwanese businessmen happened into the most rural part of China and thought: Let’s bring it from the 15th century to the 21st.

The Wars of John McCain

John McCain believes the Vietnam War was winnable. Now he argues that an Obama administration would accept defeat in Iraq, with grave costs to American honor and national security. Is McCain’s quest for victory a reflection of an antiquated pre-Vietnam mind-set? Or of a commitment to principles we abandon at our peril? Is there any war McCain thinks can’t be won?

Space Invaders

How preparations for tomorrow’s satellite wars could ruin life as we know it today

Primary Sources

Dread Pirate bin Laden; more than five for fighting; schizo in Gitmo

The Great Disruption

How scarcity, affluence, and biofuel production are wreaking havoc on food prices

Heart of Darwin

The places in and around London that shaped the naturalist as a young man

Lifting the Bamboo Curtain

As China and India vie for power and influence, Burma has become a strategic battleground. Four Americans with deep ties to this fractured, resource-rich country illuminate its current troubles, and what the U.S. should do to shape its future.

Primary Sources

The Master and Medvedev

Why Vladimir Putin’s successful effort to handpick his replacement may backfire

What Rumsfeld Got Right

How Donald Rumsfeld remade the U.S. military for a more uncertain world

Primary Sources

Asphalt Dreams

Can better highways save Afghanistan?

The Accidental Foreign Policy

How an early gaffe and an excruciatingly long primary season helped Barack Obama find a distinctive voice on foreign affairs

Thai Noon

A few hours northeast of Bangkok, American-style cowboy culture thrives.

China’s Silver Lining

Why smoggy skies over Beijing represent the world’s greatest environmental opportunity

How to Grow a Gang

By deporting record numbers of Latino criminals, the U.S. may make its gang problem worse.


The rift between a beleaguered prime minister and a grieving novelist mirrors the division confounding Israel. Can the two men overcome the differences that separate them? Can Israel overcome its paralysis to make the hard choice necessary for its survival as a Jewish democracy?

Prophesying Palestine

Jeffrey Goldberg looks back at a mixed bag of Atlantic predictions from the 1920s and '30s about prospects for a Jewish homeland.

Bay of Capitalist Pigs

How Havana might change after Castro

Sins of Emission

Kyoto was a sham and a failure—so how has it become a model for future anti-warming efforts?

Body Counting

Why even the most-dubious statistics influence our thinking


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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