Book Review

The Love Life and Cultural Influence of Martin Amis

On the new biography of a literary Lothario

The Critics

A short story

Can a Tuning Fork Improve Your Cocktail?

The theory and practice of serving a drink vibrated, not stirred

The Hair-Metal Diaries

In a new memoir, the lead singer of Ratt remembers what may be the most forgettable cultural phenomenon of the modern era.

Chapter and Verse: The Unknown Prose of a Great Poet

Reassessing the literary legacy of the Lost Generation's Edward Thomas

Solving Jane Austen Puzzles

And new fiction by Elizabeth Strout. Two short book reviews.

Rodgers and Hart's Dysfunctional Partnership

Richard was disciplined and controlling. Lorenz was undisciplined, uncontrollable, and often drunk. But it worked.

The Housewife-Industrial Complex

How a TV franchise mutated into a demented hybrid of gossip generator and infomercial

Indelible Images

Two beautiful new coffee-table books—except one isn’t really a book

Inventing Marilyn

Anyone who thinks the story of Marilyn Monroe doesn't warrant such attention doesn't know much about it.

Cover to Cover

Reliving Groundhog Day

On the 20th anniversary of the beloved Bill Murray comedy, it’s time to recognize it as a profound work of contemporary metaphysics.

Getting Toasted

The drama (and sometimes danger) of the flaming cocktail

Serial Thriller

From literature to appointment television, episodic storytelling is flourishing.

Why Are Romantic Comedies So Bad?

The long decline from Katharine Hepburn to Katherine Heigl

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Comeback Artist

The Baroque sculptor’s audience has finally come around to his way of seeing the world.

Cover to Cover

The Beatles of Comedy

Monty Python's genius was to respect nothing.

Whiskey Business

The regulatory ordeal of the American micro-distiller

Brideshead Regurgitated

The ludicrous charms of Downton Abbey, TV’s reigning aristo-soap

A Roman Garden

The Bookstore Strikes Back

Two years ago, when Nashville lost its only in-town bookstores, the novelist Ann Patchett decided to step into the breach. Parnassus Books, which Patchett and two veteran booksellers envisioned, designed, financed, and manage, is now open for business and enjoying the ride.

Cover to Cover

The Education of Virginia Woolf

Books of the Year 2012

The Atlantic's literary editor picks the five best of the crop.


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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