Book Review

Philip Larkin, the Impossible Man

How the most exasperating of poets met his match

The Legacy of Malcolm X

Why his vision lives on in Barack Obama

The Father, The Sun, and the Holy Spirit

Pope Benedict plans a greener Vatican.

The Other Detroit

The city’s grandest enclave clings to the dream.

Guitar Hero Goes to the Opera

How the video game's godfather plans to democratize one of the oldest musical art forms

Our Zombies, Ourselves

Why we can’t get the undead off our brains

Sympathy for the Tiger Moms

The national convulsion over Amy Chua’s parenting has lead people to hate or fear mothers like me. They should feel sorry for us instead.

Leave Those Kids Alone

Childhood is more than merely a springboard to adulthood.

The Ivy Delusion

The real reason the good mothers are so rattled by Amy Chua

Cover to Cover

A Guide to Additional Releases

From Berlin to bin Laden

A history of the Baghdad Express illuminates the resilience of politicized Islam.

A Remembrance of Things

A new memoir uses an exquisite collection of figurines to evoke one family's devastating history.

Daydream Believer

Justin Bieber found teenybop perfection with an insolent naturalness, a shimmer of religious transcendence, and a mastery of social media. Can he make the moment last?

The Architect of the City

Louis Sullivan, the author of the modernist skyline, is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Hard Core

The new world of porn is revealing eternal truths about men and women.

The Hazards of Duke

A now infamous PowerPoint presentation exposes a lot about men, women, sex, and alcohol—and about how universities are letting their female students down.

The Wild World of Sports

In SportsCenter, ESPN’s increasingly arcane and anarchic highlights program, the fan still finds solace—even order—in chaos.

Shade of Home

Reckoning with the ghosts of mum and pup— and their color choices

Rudyard Kipling Wrote Here

Inside the home—in Dummerston, Vermont—where the recorder of Empire created his most-classic tales­

Object of Desire


The Tragedy of the Talk Show Host

Miscast in the age of viral humor, the late-night star remains eternally freaky—and oddly reassuring.

The Frugal Divorcée

How to survive—and even thrive—in the new age of austerity

Books of the Year 2010

Benjamin Schwarz picks the five best of the crop.

Cover to Cover

Bill Bryson brings it all back home; England's gilded monuments; and more


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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