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The 30 Washington Insiders You Should Follow on Twitter

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Fred Thompson
Former Senator, actor

Obsessions: National security, attacking Obama, torture

Typical Tweet:

Am Bolton knew 1st.. Susan Rice ought 2 spend time w/ N Korean xperts & not doing vogue photo spread

My Advice to Pirates to be safe from USA's wrath: Take up safer activities like enriching uranium or firing missles over Japan

Even Dr. Seuss would not have bought the Obama spin on SOTO

Follow at: http://twitter.com/fredthompson

Joe Trippi
Democratic campaign specialist

Obsessions: Social networking, Democratic pols, campaigning

Typical Tweets:

In case you missed it yesterday, regarding claims of an Edwards "Doomsday" plot: Complete BS - fantasyland - not true.

OK, count to 60... While you were counting, 20 hrs of video was uploaded to YouTube. Thats > 86k full length films evry wk

Republican Party officially preparing to jump off cliff -- Doors tribute band to sing "This is the end..."

Follow at: http://twitter.com/joetrippi

Karen Tumulty
Writer, Time Magazine

Obsessions: Health care reform, tennis, CSPAN

Typical Tweets:

Does anyone else think that what the Cheneys are really after here is their own reality show?

Gotta quit reading overnight tweets before the morning papers. i'm becoming part of the problem.

@KagroX @jayackroyd Am told the reason Waxman went for weaker version of public plan was the pushback he was getting from his own Blue Dogs.

Follow at: http://twitter.com/kTumulty

Dave Weigel
Politics reporter, The Washington Independent

Obsessions: political humor, conspiracy theorists who believe Obama is not U.S. citizen, Newt Gingrich

Typical Tweets:

Listening to Rush label "white people" the "new, oppressed minority." Jon Huntsman bailed at the right time, I think.

FWIW, the Democrats had 54 Senate seats when they borked Bork. GOP's chances with Sotomayor are somewhat... diminished.

Why is Gingrich debating Dick Durbin on Meet the Press? Do all 40 Republican senators have the flu?

Follow at: http://twitter.com/daveweigel

West Wing Report
Anonymous: fast, accurate and unbiased coverage of President Obama direct from the White House press room.

Obsessions: Obama’s schedule, Obama’s statements, Obama’s poll numbers, Obama.

Typical Tweets:

Obama takes another page from Bush playbook: he's fighting the release of certain Bush-era documents detailing videotaped interrogations

President will announce that GM will emerge from chapter 11 reorg after 60-90 days. Chrysler is about to, reports say, after a month.

Obama presses the re-set button; a sweeping speech aimed at bridging a deep chasm - but laid out no formal proposals or plans

Follow at: http://twitter.com/westwingreport

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Would You Live in a Treehouse?

A treehouse can be an ideal office space, vacation rental, and way of reconnecting with your youth.


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