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The 30 Washington Insiders You Should Follow on Twitter

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Patrick Ruffini
GOP strategist, political blogger

Obsessions: A resurgent GOP, online campaign strategies, polling data

Typical Tweets:

The right answer on Sunday shows if asked about if you prefer Cheney vs. Powell vs. Rush is self-transparently obvious: no answer & move on

Prediction: Buckleyite elite conservatism will make a comeback in the next few years

Every candidate who has done a Google network blast has won. Prop 8, Saxby, Scott Murphy, Deeds.

Follow at: http://twitter.com/PatrickRuffini

Barham Salih
Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq

Obsessions: Forthcoming Iraqi elections, working out, picnics in his home district, Suleimani

Typical Tweets:

Early morning drive to Irbil for meeting with Pres Barzani. Elections are getting closer! I am heading our parliamentary list-so much to do!

I missed my exercise session:( Many meetings-sessions with disgruntled candidates-Visited a village outside city. Went to a funeral in Suli.

Long cabinet meeting! Good decision to allocate $0.5/barrel of oil to producing regions. Don't like meetings, but good chance to catch up.

Follow at: https://twitter.com/BarhamSalih

Scott Simon
Host, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR

Obsessions: Soliciting interview questions, his daughters, NPR gossip, new movies

Typical Tweets:

Glad we're leading with California budget story, not obvious ordinary east coast Beltway lead that sometimes snaps into place automatically

PS to meeting Roxana [Saberi]. At one pt she borrowed my handkerchief to dab some expressions of emotion. Told her to keep it--the least I could do.

Bernard Kerik sent Tweet proclaiming innocence just before indicted in Fed Court today. I don't think I'd have that presence of mind . . .

Follow at: http://twitter.com/NPRScottSimon

George Stephanopoulos
Chief Washington Correspondent, ABC News

Obsessions: Obama’s plans for the economy, good reporting on the web, feedback from his viewers

Typical Tweets:

Senate source tells me that Souter told Harry Reid "several weeks ago" that he would be retiring this year. Wonder who else knew that early?

Just spoke with tearful Rep Jose Serrano, Like Sotomayor grew up in Bronx projects. For Latinos, this pick has force of Thurgood Marshall

Conservatives say "empathy" wrong criteria for Supreme Court Liberals want Obama to ignore GOP and appoint liberal force on Court..And you?

Follow at: http://twitter.com/GStephanopoulos

Jake Tapper
Senior White House Correspondent, ABC News

Obsessions: Gitmo detainee debate, movies, pols on Twitter who respond to questions

Typical Tweets:

GM CEO Henderson said company needs to make sure every new vehicle launch is an outstanding car or truck. Was that not the plan before?

Congress denied ABC News' request to film the House/Senate gyms that YOUR tax dollars pay for. Interesting.

The overarching lesson for the media from the war in Iraq is: What if they're wrong? That guides some of us currently in the WH press corps.

Follow at: http://twitter.com/jaketapper

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