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The 30 Washington Insiders You Should Follow on Twitter

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Patrick Gavin
Writer, Politico

Obsessions: His upcoming marriage, insider media business gossip

Typical Tweets:

Increasingly, I just dont see Obama going 8 years anti-gay marriage.Cheney's for it + WJC gave BHO an out by declaring an "evolved" position

self-pimp: Arne Duncan dishes on hoops with Obama

Huge news: Murdoch may sell Weekly Standard to DC Examiner owner Phil Anschutz

Follow at: http://twitter.com/PWGavin

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House

Obsessions: Lowering taxes, his new self-help book, restaurants in suburban Virginia

Typical Tweets:

The President is clearly trying to have some gop outreach with minimum change in his key policies The complexity will be fascinating

White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw.

Plan now to actively work to defeat any member who raises taxes or refuses to cut spending 2010 could be a decisive year

Follow at: http://twitter.com/Newtgingrich

David Gregory
Host, Meet the Press, NBC

Obsessions: Obama’s foreign policy challenges, LA Dodgers, media objectivity

Typical Tweets:

NK and Iran. It’s interesting how dependent Obama is on China and Russia to solve these probs.

At a time when no one knows how to fix the economy, will the President maintain the public’s support even if some of his ideas fail?

By Al, of course i mean @alroker

Follow at: http://twitter.com/davidgregory

Israeli Consulate General of New York

Obsessions: Arab/Israeli peace, Iran, public diplomacy

Typical Tweets:

The gov't is acting against outposts built illegally. If there is evidence to the contrary, court system will adjudicate.

Hamas brings out the cavalry in brazen attack yesterday - @NYrker Key word is "yet." Combining nukes, disregard for life, and apocalyptic ideology (Pakistan, Iran, elsewhere)=calamitous

Follow at: http://twitter.com/israelconsulate

Mark Knoller
White House Correspondent, CBS News

Obsessions: President’s daily schedule, behind-the-scenes decision making, White House press conferences

Typical Tweets:

for those keeping score, the daily WH briefing 1st set for 130p, then 2p has just begun at 2:21pm. Running car companies is time consuming.

Worth noting: One of Obama’s first actions as president was to cap the pay of his top aides at $100k. Uncapped, they would earn $172, 000.

"Bar, what'd ya think?" the 41st pres called out to his wife on landing safely. "Where's my hero," she replied. What a hoot.

Follow at: http://www.twitter.com/markknoller

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