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The 30 Washington Insiders You Should Follow on Twitter

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Mike Allen
Blogger, Politico

Obsessions: White House press conferences, Beltway culture, new media

Typical Tweets:

breaking: Stephanie Cutter, counselor at Treasury, is moving over to the White House to coordinate the Court fight ("the Steve Schmidt job")

cairo speech (6:10 a.m. ET) about 40-45 minutes--POTUS still working on text--hope press will have embargoed copy "well before he gives it"

Number of heads of state hosted at White House: 8. Number of U.S. states visited: 12

Follow at: http://twitter.com/mikeallen

Marc Ambinder
Politics Editor, The Atlantic

Obsessions: National security policy, 2012 presidential race, WWF wrestling

Typical Tweets:

Will journos label T-Paw a "mod?" He can position himself that way, but on taxes, gays, guns, God, abortion, stem cells, he's conservative.

Sen. DeMint says he asked S'Smayor about rights of unborn child; says she said she "never thought about it." He's upset. WH denies.

Source: new CAFE standards will be similar to California's, which achieve 33% reduction in emissions by 2016....

Follow at: http://twitter.com/MarcAmbinder

Chris Cillizza
Blogger, Washington Post: "The Fix"

Obsessions: Johnny Cash, electoral politics, custom t-shirts

Typical Tweets:

Gibbs just gave a girlish chuckle. For the record, the Fix laughs like Eddie Murphy. Pot. kettle. Black.

Newt just dropped a Rahm Emanuel reference. Rahm is cursing somewhere.

Another coup for Obama political team: picking John McHugh as Army Sec opens up a VERY competitive NY congressional seat.

Follow at: http://twitter.com/TheFix

Ana Marie Cox
National Correspondent, Air America radio

Obsessions: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Robert Gibbs’ ties, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, her pants

Typical Tweets:

GIBBS TIE THREAT LEVEL: Pink and baby blue/We're gonna threaten terrorists WITH A HUG.

AH THE ANGRY LEPRECHAUN! He is TROUBLED! HE WANTS HIS GOLD. To be fair, Jeff Sessions could also be a younger, shorter, angrier Spock.

For those keeping track: Gibbs gave a one-word answer on repealing DADT in January: "yes." Last week, it took 105 words for him to say "no."

Follow at: http://twitter.com/anamariecox

John Dickerson
Chief Political Correspondent, Slate

Obsessions: national security politics, his kids, Beltway culture, road food

Typical Tweets:

Sotomayor rejected discrimination-related claims by a margin of 8 to 1. Old smear: racist. New one: ineffective racist?

Cheney has gotta stop: Burst in to White House kitchen and interrupted chefs making vinaigrette dressing. Told them they were doing it wrong

Obama just called space shuttle astronauts who've repaired Hubble. Asked them to use its high power lens to find him a policy for Guantanamo

Follow at: http://twitter.com/Jdickerson

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