National Magazine Awards: Nominees and Winners

This year, The Atlantic was nominated in three categories for National Magazine Awards for editorial excellence. Read the nominated articles, along with award-winning Atlantic pieces from previous years.
Winners: 2005

"An Incomplete Map of the Northern Polarity" (January/February 2004)
If you were to ask George why he loves Margaret, he would say, "Because she's so mean to me." By Nathan Roberts

"Foaling Season" (May 2004)
We could dress Sheila Altman in my sister's clothes and sell her my sister's horse, but what could she understand about the way things worked? By Aryn Kyle

"The One in White" (July/August 2004)
"Captain," I say, "you've got about two hundred Mexican soldiers waiting for you in the plaza." By Robert Olen Butler

Finalists: 2005

January/February 2004 Atlantic Monthly
July/August 2004 Atlantic Monthly
November 2004 Atlantic Monthly

The Atlantic Online

"How Serfdom Saved the Women's Movement" (March 2004)
Dispatches from the Nanny wars. By Caitlin Flanagan

"A Sea Story" (May 2004)
On a stormy night on the Baltic Sea, more than 850 people lost their lives when a luxurious ferry sank below the waves. Our correspondent has distilled an account of the Estonia's last moments. By William Langewiesche

Finalists: 2004

The Atlantic Online

"Happy Hour" (January/February 2003)
"It is nearly five o'clock on a February evening, and the world outside my father's windows is going dark. Evening is my second favorite time of day in the Home..." By Alison Baker

"We Have a Pope" (April 2003)
"'I want to show you something.' Baroom pressed a hidden switch and a panel slid back, revealing a stone staircase going down. I thought, uh-oh. I followed him, my hand inside my pocket..." By Christopher Buckley

"Yao's Chick" (November 2003)
"The acrobat performed twice more, the second time doing an incredible backward somersault on his way to the basket. She'd had no idea that these things happened at basketball games..." By Max Apple

"What Is Visible" (March 2003)
"Everyone says that Doctor is the handsomest man in Boston—who would not want him as an ornament?" By Kimberly Elkins

"Monstress" (June 2004)
"We left very early Monday morning, and our flight to California felt like backward travel through time. In Manila it was dark, but outside the plane the sky was bright..." By Lysley Tenorio

"Ghost Birds" (October 2003)
"On the bank of the river I noticed a squirrel staring at me. It cocked its head, as if asking what I thought I was doing, and spiraled up a tree, where I lost it in the branches. I remember a sense of calm, stillness, and thinking, This is my death. Interesting." By Nicolas Pizzolatto

"Wynton's Blues" (March 2003)
For two decades Wynton Marsalis ruled the jazz universe. But after a series of sour notes, perhaps the biggest name in jazz faces an uncertain future. Just like jazz itself. By David Hajdu

"The Dark Art of Interrogation" (October 2003)
The most effective way to gather intelligence and thwart terrorism can also be a direct route into morally repugnant terrain. A survey of the landscape of persuasion. By Mark Bowden

"Columbia's Last Flight" (November 2003)
The inside story of the investigation—and the catastrophe it laid bare. By William Langewiesche

"The Wifely Duty" (January/February 2003)
Marriage used to provide access to sex. Now it provides access to celibacy. By Caitlin Flanagan

"Housewife Confidential" (September 2003)
A tribute to the old-fashioned housewife, and to Erma Bombeck, her champion and guide. By Caitlin Flanagan

"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" (November 2003)
Is it time to cancel the wedding? By Caitlin Flanagan

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How a Psychedelic Masterpiece Is Made

A short documentary about Bruce Riley, an artist who paints abstract wonders with poured resin


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