A Cultural Revolution

A portfolio of significant works from China's contemporary-art boom
Unique camera obscura gelatin silver print, 56 x 145 in
Shi Guorui (born 1964) shoots large-scale photographs with a camera obscura. In 2002, he transformed one of the Great Wall’s watchtowers into a pinhole camera and photographed the wall and surrounding landscape. In 2004, he shot Shanghai’s waterfront from a luxury hotel room made into a camera. Recently he has turned his attention to the American landscape, producing images of California for his current solo exhibition at the de Young Museum, in San Francisco. For the image shown here, he gained permission to photograph San Francisco from the chapel of the now-closed prison on Alcatraz Island.
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Britta Erickson is an independent scholar and curator who focuses on contemporary Chinese art. She has taught at Stanford University and has curated major exhibitions at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, in Washington, D.C., and at Stanford's Cantor Arts Center.

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

Cooking for yourself is one of the surest ways to eat well.


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