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Volume 297 no. 4 / May 2006

Addicks, Steve “The Appetite,” competitive eater, as locomotive mechanic, 93

Andrés, José, avant-garde chef, haute cheese steak of, 146; on mysteries of Coke, 146

Armstrong, Louis, Mussolini and, 159

Arzak, Juan Mari, Spanish chef, freeze-dried monkfish skin and, 145; clarified beeswax and, 145

Baker, Steve, as sacred-grilled-cheese custodian, 87

Belafonte, Harry, as Hugo Chávez interviewee, 94

Big Bird, as model of pediatrician behavior, 112

Bin Laden, Osama, as imperialist, 138

Bolívar, Simón, empty chair of, 96; favorite tree of, 97; ultimate failure of, 105; on the plowing of the sea, 105

Booker, Eric “Badlands,” competitive eater, as doughnut champ, 86; as cheesecake champ, 86; as corned-beef-hash champ, 86; as subway conductor, 86; as rapper, 86

Brezhnev, Leonid, arrhythmia of, 52; rotten teeth of, 52; remote diagnosis of, 52

Buchanan, Daisy, shirt-related rapture and, 112

Buchanan, Patrick, as Lindbergh fan, 133

Bush, George W., post-Castro planning of, 17; on “activist judges,” 46; faux-conservatism of, 138

Carlyle, Thomas, on Darwinian “gospel of dirt,” 57

Carmona, Pedro, as Chávez deposer, 102; as “Pedro the Brief,” 102

Carter, Jimmy, as millionaire, 44; Iran hostage crisis and, 62–77

Castro, Fidel, eightieth birthday of, 17; kid brother of, 17; as Chávez interviewee, 94; humanitarian offensives of, 103

Cavett, Dick, as Chávez role model, 94

Chávez, Hugo, folk singing of, 94; as talk-show host, 94; Iranian-built bicycle of, 94; misidentified carrots and, 96; as Condi antagonist, 97; as Don Quixote distributor, 97; anti- hegemonic news channel of, 97; as figurative West Virginian, 100; coffee addiction of, 100; as grudging democrat, 102; evangelical style of, 103; as regional sugar daddy, 104

Cheever, Susan, foie-gras-flinging daughter of, 112

Clapton, Eric, ukulele stylings of, 158

Clarke, Gedney, as George Washington host, 142; as smallpox host, 142

Crockett, Davy, as relative softie, 66

Cross, John Philip, British soldier, cravat of, 79; knee-high socks of, 79; on goat-related ecstasy, 79; on “mystic dimension of service,” 82

De Gaulle, Charles, as accordion player, 158

Dillard, Annie, on fecundity, 60

Dougherty, Jon E., anti-immigration polemicist, reconquista fears of, 130; as melting-pot skeptic, 130

Ferguson, Craig, late-night host, as “Bing Hitler,” 158

Forno, Richard, security consultant, on Faustian bargains of digital age, 149; as “tinfoil underwear” advocate, 150–152

Fox, Vicente, as lapdog of empire, 96

Friedman, Kinky, gubernatorial prospects of, 17; reality-TV campaigning of, 17; fund-raising prowess of, 17

Frost, Robert, Atlantic rejection of, 60

Gandhi, Mahatma, on Christianity, 20

Gifford, Kathie Lee, as “Mother of the Year,” 120

Glass, Julia, maximalist second novel of, 127; Tolstoyan messiness of, 127

Graham, Billy, as savior of American fundamentalism, 109

Greenspan, Alan, competitive-eating strategy of, 91

Hayworth, J. D., congressman, as anti-immigration crusader, 130–132; on “lettuce liberals,” 131

Hempel, Amy, as writer’s writer, 108; one-liners of, 108; as dog lover, 108; glancing forms of, 108

Hitler, Adolf, as vibraphone player, 158

Housman, A. E., on Gurkhas, 82

Hussein, Uday, golfing habits of, 158

Jackson, Andrew, pirate sidekick of, 138

Jackson, Janet, TiVo title of, 152

Jarvis, Edward “Cookie,” competitive eater, Dizzy Gillespie style of, 90; nasal vomiting and, 91

Jewett, Sarah Orne, muskrat dining companion of, 56

Jong, Erica, as “Mother of the Year,” 120

Kennedy, John F., as sellout, 134

Key, Francis Scott, legal background of, 28; as survivalist, 28

Kobayashi, Takeru, competitive eater, as hot-dog champ, 92–93; unorthodox style of, 93; miraculous accomplishment of, 93

Laffite, Jean, as Jackson pal, 138; as co-savior of New Orleans, 138

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

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