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Volume 296 no. 5 / December 2005

Abizaid, John, as insurgency diagnostician, 68

Adams, Ansel, Windex and, 137

Affleck, Ben, poker habits of, 121

Alaïa, Azzedine, fashion designer, as "King of Cling," 116

Allen, Woody, projected immortality of, 105

Amis, Martin, Lolita test of, 131

Batali, Dean, TV writer, Winnie the Pooh collection of, 168; on need for "Christian Vagina Monologues," 168

Bellow, Saul, high school chums of, 78-80, 82; as father figure, 78-88; penmanship of, 82; faint praise of, 86

Bogart, Humphrey, as bully, 178

Bush, George W., fiscal profligacy of, 37-38; Iraqi army and, 60, 70, 74; on Kazakhstan, 100

Byron, Lord, Nabokovian entanglements of, 134

Castro, Fidel, literary unmasking of, 123

Catapano, Karen, as Long Island goat farmer, 174

Charles, Ray, airbrushed life of, 166

Chekhov, Anton, on internalized slavery, 138

Chirac, Jacques, book-length indictment of, 138

Clark, Dick, grudgingly accepted mortality of, 15; eternal tautness of, 15

Clinton, Hillary, on Grand Theft Auto, 129

Coffin, William Sloane, minister, as hostage emissary, 94-95, 97; CIA background of, 94; as grandstander, 97

Coogan, Jackie, as elderly child star, 178

Cordesman, Anthony, on Iraqi army myopia, 63-64, 66

DeLong, Brad, economist, fiscal-catastrophe projections of, 38

Derrickson, Scott, as Biola grad, 164; as Hellraiser V auteur, 166

Dumont, René, development agronomist, as Castro critic, 123

Duras, Marguerite, lost illusions of, 123

Ensler, Eve, absent Christian analogue of, 168

Express, Marie, prostitute, mysterious death of, 54

Fey, Charles August, as father of the slot machine, 121

Foster, Norman, architect, Kazakh "Palace of Peace" envisioned by, 98

Franks, Tommy, wandering attention of, 66

Freud, Sigmund, quackishness of, 133

Friedman, Bill, gaming analyst, on casino feng shui, 129

Fuentes, Carlos, lost illusions of, 123

Garland, Judy, premature middle age of, 178; Jolsonian dynamism of, 178; as Sinatra de-pantser, 179; troublesome son-in-law of, 179

God, accidental birth of, 105-112; Hollywood following of, 161-168

Grant, Martin, fashion designer, Aussie roots of, 116; grandmother of, 116

Gresham, Douglas, C. S. Lewis stepson, as script supervisor, 162

Guthrie, Stewart, anthropologist, on emperor-free clothes, 111

Hashim, Ahmed, military analyst, on black hole of Iraqi security, 63

Hedaya, Yael, Israeli novelist, grippingly uneventful book of, 133

Hitler, Adolf, destruction of Warsaw and, 46; questionable soul of, 105

Hughes, Howard, smog-free Vegas envisioned by, 157

Jaafari, Ibrahim, Iraqi PM, as marked man, 46

Jensen, Marten, "Doctor of Gambling," on inescapable disadvantages of slot-playing, 124

John Paul II, Darwinian concessions of, 112

Johnson, Samuel, olfactory distaste of, 176

Kadyrov, Akhmad, Chechen rebel leader, as Putin honoree, 52

Karig, Walter, Navy commander, as Nancy Drew author, 32

Karol, K. S., as Nazi survivor, 123; as gulag survivor, 123; idealism of, 123; Cuban disappointments of, 123

Kasparov, Garry Kimovich, as Putin foe, 48-52; liberal bona fides of, 48; ketchup-covered eggs and, 50; as dirty-tricks target, 50

Kerry, John, creationist supporters of, 111

Khomeini, Ruhollah, as Christmas-card recipient, 96, 97

Kirk, James T., future birthplace of, 34; bodily takeover of, 109

Kushner, Tony, absent Christian analogue of, 168

Langer, Susanne K., philosopher, on challenges of Chaos, 106

Lawrence, T. E., as counterinsurgency theorist, 71; soup-eating strategy of, 72

Legato, Frank, gambling analyst, on irreducible impersonality of slot machines, 123

Lincoln, Abraham, clairvoyant dream of, 16

Luft, Sidney, as boxer, 178; as Canadian air-force veteran, 178; as punch line, 179; as "least worst man in Judy Garland's life," 179

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

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