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Volume 296 no. 4 / November 2005

Allen, Woody, as clarinet virtuoso, 112-114; singing voice of, 112; "sad gargoyle face" of, 112; riot-ready French fans of, 112; on neo-puritanism, 114

Baudelaire, Charles, chronological sheepishness of, 106

Baumbach, Noah, Kicking and Screaming director, as not Will Ferrell, 147

Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali, Pakistani leader, as demagogue, 68; as visionary, 68; grass-eating defense policy of, 68, 76

Biggs, Charmaine, smoking-gun shopping spree of, 186

Biggs, Ronnie, Great Train Robber, jailbreak of, 186; Brazilian hideaway of, 187; Sex Pistols cameo of, 187; Die Toten Hosen and, 187; pop-star child of, 187; Marmite cravings of, 187

Bono, U2 front man, as Nobel candidate, 50; as megachurch emissary, 108

Bontrager, Bob, enrollment manager, as eater of others' lunch, 128; as kicker of others' asses, 128

Bowles, Paul, as composer, 114

Branson, Richard, Virgin chairman, flying beauty salon envisioned by, 172

Brezhnev, Leonid, dirty limericks and, 88

Brock, David, as right-wing hitman, 106; as left-wing hitman, 106; ash-covered head of, 106; tennis-pro jaw of, 106

Bush, Barbara, as Mailer dinner companion, 117

Bush, George W., as Robin Hood, 42; as Nobel long shot, 50; as Elmore Leonard fan, 154

Butler, Smedley, general, anti-FDR coup and, 87

Charles I, as "feeble, alcoholic murderer," 52; as "man of peace," 52

Chase, Salmon P., as Lincoln rival, 95; villainy of, 95; terrible speaking skills of, 95; political promiscuity of, 95; as face of dollar bill, 95

Chavez, Hugo, as Condi crush, 11; beret of, 50; as Nobel candidate, 50

Churchill, Winston, as historian, 152; publishing riches of, 152; ghostwriting staff of, 152; self-interested airbrushing of, 152

Cleaver, Ward, innumerable crimes of, 161

Colbert, Jean Baptiste, French finance minister, on taxation, 42; on goose-plucking, 42

Cranmer, Chris, British naval technician, as Satanist, 169

Curran, Paul, special counsel, as peanut inquisitor, 44

De Mornay, Rebecca, Risky Business star turn of, 147

Dickens, Charles, as penologist, 110

Diller, Barry, Picasso skull of, 114

Douglass, Frederick, on Lincoln fatigue, 92

Drexler, Peggy, gender scholar, Jiffy Pop theory of masculinity as articulated by, 161

Escriva, José Maria, Opus Dei founder, fast-track canonization of, 52

Fall, Albert, as Teapot Dome ringleader, 44; misbegotten livestock of, 44

Fiske, Edward, college critic, floodgates opened by, 138-139

Franklin, Benjamin, as jujitsu master, 163-166; as non-vegetarian, 164; stupid aphorisms of, 166; as historical corrective, 166

Fussell, Betty, food writer, live-duck recipe of, 88

Gandhi, Mahatma, craftiness of, 64; religious chauvinism of, 64

Garrison, William Lloyd, near-lynching of, 115-116

Geldof, Bob, as Pink Floyd mediator, 50; as Nobel candidate, 50

Geyl, Pieter, Dutch historian, Toynbee takedown of, 157

Goodwin, Doris Kearns, as "historian next door," 92; normal hair of, 92, 94; fateful footnotes of, 94; as play-by-play announcer, 100

Hammarskjöld, Dag, as posthumous Nobelist, 50

Hemingway, Ernest, favorite conjunction of, 157

Howell, Algie T., Virginia legislator, underwear oversight maintained by, 167-168; posture fatwa of, 168

John Paul II, as Nobel candidate, 50; canonization binge of, 52

Johnson, Andrew, as sixties icon, 92

Johnson, Lyndon, undeclared war of, 54; as book critic, 94; fleeting memory of, 94

Jong, Erica, bittersweet Eden sought by, 162

Kennedy, Anthony, as legal comparativist, 48-52; as impeachment target, 48

Kennedy, Ted, as perceived security risk, 108

Khan, Abdul Quadeer, metallurgist, as father of Pakistani bomb, 62-85; vacation home of, 62-63; slowly sinking speedboat of, 64; foreordained stomach pain of, 66; as self-starter, 70; as scavenger, 70; as ogler, 71; Strangelovean tics of, 80-82; outsize humility of, 82; as VVIP, 85; outlived usefulness of, 85

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

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