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Volume 296 no. 3 / October 2005

Adams, Samuel, as Roy Moore muse, 74, 80

Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud, Iranian president, Web site of, 36; as barber in chief, 36; as suspected assassin, 37; historical shyness of, 36-40

Althusser, Louis, as murderer, 103; slapped wrist of, 103

Arendt, Hannah, contested legacy of, 106

Aristotle, on slavery, 114

Austen, Jane, adolescent masterworks of, 119; as teenage historian, 119; little brother of, 126

Bartlet, Jed, take-home pay of, 46

Benson, Mildred Augustine Wirt, Nancy Drew ghostwriter, Hepburnian air of, 118; as xylophonist, 118; as aviator, 118; on jam-and-jelly journalism, 118; De Niro qualities of, 118; ginger surplus of, 118-119

Bonaparte, Napoleon, aborted chunnel of, 121; on elephants, 121; on whales, 121; as Nelson nemesis, 121-126; comeuppance of, 126

Byron, Lord, on melancholy, 55; overnight fame of, 106; maritime aesthetics of, 126

Camus, Albert, on suicide, 56

Chalabi, Ahmed, integrity of, 103

Chambers, Marilyn, porn star, IRS following of, 142

Cheney, Dick, distinctive waistline of, 119

Clay, Henry, liberty and, 111; as slaveholder, 111

Cleaver, Ward, take-home pay of, 46

Coleman, Robert Keith, execution of, 42, 44; possible innocence of, 42, 44

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, secretarial work of, 124

Colette, mascara of, 119; blue lampshades and, 119; fluffy cats of, 119; collaborationist interlude of, 119

Connolly, Cyril, on success, 122

Crumbley, Nathaniel Mordechai, handyman, suspicious name of, 115

Darwin, Charles, mental illness and, 64

Descartes, René, anti-nature nature of, 94

Diamond, Jared, on Easter Island, 16

Disraeli, Benjamin, mental illness and, 64

Doohan, James Montgomery, as Scotty, 142-143; apocryphal catchphrase of, 142-143; Elvis and, 142; as marital aid, 142; serenity prayer of, 142; missing middle finger of, 143; anti-Shatner sentiments of, 143; as Klingon linguist, 143; prenatal memorial of, 143

Douglas, Michael, as high-maintenance fellow, 116

Douglas, Stephen A., optimism of, 62; pompadour of, 62

Drew, Nancy, hunches of, 115; as Diana, 115; as Athena, 116; marked superiority of to Catherine Zeta-Jones, 116; ginger of, 118, 119; Jordache jeans and, 120; essential conservatism of, 120; as septuagenarian, 120

Dworkin, Andrea, anti-sex arguments of, 129; apt description of intercourse by, 129

Edwards, Matilda, as Lincoln's true love, 56

Elizabeth I, as iconoclast, 112

Ewing, J. R., take-home pay of, 46

Feldstein, Martin, as potential Greenspan successor, 40; as "Dr. Gloom," 40

Fitzgerald, F. Scott, as Baudelaire, 98; as possible plagiarist, 98; Smoky Mountain solace sought by, 98; diseased lungs of, 98; as Pygmalion, 98; as orchid-eater, 98; Isadora Duncan and, 98; as plutophile, 98; withdrawn second chance of, 98

Fitzgerald, Zelda, unmemorialized death of, 97; as dysfunctional muse, 98; intentional tumble of, 98

Fleming, Ian, nineteenth-century Russian influences on, 24

Flintstone, Fred, take-home pay of, 46

Flynn, Errol, as hipster, 132

Forster, E. M., Zadie Smith and, 122

Foster, Richard, namesake dessert of, 138

Frame, Janet, as world-class novelist, 119; as mental patient, 119

Friedman, Thomas, flat arguments of, 48-51

Fukuyama, Francis, as last man, 106; Byronic notoriety of, 106; as Iraq War critic, 106-108; 108; as post-historian, 108; as conflicted Hegelian, 106-108; as figurative Marx, 108

Genovese, Eugene D., as "greatest living historian," 112; on slavery, 112-114; as Marxist, 112; as atheist, 112; judiciousness of, 112-114

Greenspan, Alan, possible successors to, 40

Guevara, Che, as hipster, 132

Heath, Edward, as Chunnel booster, 121

Hemingway, Ernest, epistolary standoffishness of, 131; work schedule of, 132; daiquiri intake of, 131-134; as lackluster drinking companion, 134

Henry, Patrick, liberty and, 111; as slaveholder, 111

Hundertwasser, Friedensreich, painter, many skins of, 127

Huxtable, Cliff, take-home pay of, 46

Jaglom, Henry, as potential knitting auteur, 116

Jeanne, hurricane, as bin Laden peer, 94

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

Cooking for yourself is one of the surest ways to eat well.


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