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Volume 296 no. 2 / September 2005

Abbas, Mahmoud, as cold fish, 76

Abraham, Daniel, SlimFast mogul, private plane of, 71

Agee, James, prodigious talent of, 119; "shameless inopportunism" of, 119; on film, 119-120

Andropov, Yuri, Arafat-proof properties of, 76

Arafat, Yasir, as squanderer, 60-91; stationery of, 61; lips of, 62, 91; Bugs Bunny and, 62; paternal instincts of, 64, 67, 74, 84, 90-91; nap time of, 64; screeching voice of, 65; renunciation of terrorism by, 67; annunciation of tourism by, 67; disputed death of, 62-63, 67, 77-80; as sugar daddy, 67-68, 80-81; sober-minded corruption of, 68-72; as no Nelson Mandela, 74; as narcissist, 81; naiveté of, 86; figurative horsemanship of, 88; as okraphobe, 91

Ariès, Philippe, historian of childhood, misconceptions of, 121-122

Arthur, Bea, Golden Girl, as revolutionary icon, 65

Auden, W. H., anti-film sentiments of, 119; pro-Agee sentiments of, 119

Barak, Ehud, as prodigal son, 88; as pianist, 88; as mathematician, 88; as mechanic, 88; hyperactivity of, 88; chilliness of, 88; strategic failure of, 90; as commando, 90

Barghouti, Marwan, Fatah leader, as Arafat rival, 74; good-government leanings of, 74

Berry, Halle, as fertility trendsetter, 143

Blair, Tony, as Clinton pal, 19; as "gay gangster" leading "the gay government of the gay United gay Kingdom," 154

Bonds, Barry, declining market value of, 19

Bouterse, Dési, Surinamese strongman, dictation taken by, 155

Brandeis, Louis, fallen mantle of, 42

Breyer, Stephen, relative worldliness of, 38

Bush, George H.W., as assassination target, 50; as bargaining chip, 77

Byck, Samuel, as would-be Nixon assassin, 50; as hijacker, 50

Ceausescu, Nicolae, PR representation of, 154-155

Cermak, Anton, Chicago mayor, as collateral damage, 50

Cheney, Dick, tame pheasants and, 138

Chirac, Jacques, as exchange student, 50; as HoJo's employee, 50; as Sarkozy father figure, 52; as Sarkozy nemesis, 52

Claus, Santa, persistent nonexistence of, 143

Clinton, Bill, world domination plotted by, 19; as Supreme Court victim, 38; as assassination target, 50

Dahlan, Muhammad, Arafat deputy, CIA ties of, 86; as "crown prince of Gaza," 86; crimped hair of, 86

Doe, Samuel, Liberian dictator, severed ears of, 154; enchanted genitals of, 154

Duran, Francisco Martin, as would-be Clinton assassin, 50; as uphol-sterer, 50

Dutroux, Marc, Belgian electrician, unspeakable crimes of, 128

Einarsdóttir, Jónína, Icelandic anthropologist, on social burden of anguish, 122

Eisenhower, Dwight, as Romney idol, 108-109; grandparental aura of, 108

Fromme, Lynnette, squeakiness of, 50; as would-be Ford assassin, 50

Galbraith, John Kenneth, as Rushdie device, 125

García Márquez, Gabriel, speculative geography of, 124, 126

Garland, Judy, as rock-bottom signifier, 127

Grandin, Temple, on autism, 136; on animal welfare, 136

Graner, Charles, Abu Ghraib ringleader, animal cruelty and, 137

Grisham, John, Indian readership of, 139

Harvey, Raymond Lee, as would-be Carter assassin, 50; starter pistol of, 50

Hazlitt, William, anti-rural prejudices of, 139

Hemingway, Ernest, bum rap endured by, 125; as "hairy-chested old fatty," 125

Hinckley, John, Jr., as would-be Reagan assassin, 19, 50; expanding freedom of, 19; Jodie Foster and, 19, 50

Hitler, Adolf, failing musical of, 154

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, fallen mantle of, 42

Housden, Maria, as runaway mom, 127-130, 133; affected typography of, 128; tantric sex and, 129; as Anna Karenina, 130; as seagull, 130

Hussein, Saddam, as would-be Bush assassin, 50; comic-book opulence of, 68; PR representation of, 154-155

James, Henry, mushiness of, 120

Kael, Pauline, wrongheadedness of, 121; necessity of, 121

Kahn, Louis, architect, Roman influences of, 121; as Philadelphian, 121; bookishness of, 121

Kant, Immanuel, on animal welfare, 134

Karabel, Jerome, sociologist, on "dark side of meritocracy," 122

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