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Volume 296 no. 1 / Jul.-Aug 2005

Achilles, as Kennedy brother, 89

Albert, Monégasque prince, committed bachelorhood of, 162

Anne, princess, as combat-animal advocate, 156

Aristophanes, "free fornication" utopia conjured by, 135

Astaire, Fred, quid pro quo and, 162

Auden, W. H., as assimilator, 145-148

Augustine, saint, Fondan qualities of, 129

Banda, Hastings, Malawian liberator, imperial suppression tactics of, 38

Bayh, Evan, as marathon man, 42

Blagojevich, Rod, as marathon man, 42

Borges, Jorge Luis, as romantic realist, 141

Bowery, Leigh, performance artist, whole-grain makeup of, 137; urinal headgear of, 137; Madonna and, 137

Bozo, clown, as American icon, 130

Brandt, Boris, reality-TV producer, on Teutonic fertility, 36

Bryan, William Jennings, anti-anti-Semitism of, 68

Bush, George W., pastrami showdown of, 27; as free spender, 27-28;as Reagan, 27-28; as Nixon, 27-28; Thatcherian motionlessness of, 28; fateful tax cuts of, 28, 52-53; as pacesetter, 42; as death-row pinup, 71; batting average of, 122

Butler, Rhett, as square dancer, 80-81; as Ted Turner, 133

Camus, Albert, as Weekend at Bernie's prop, 131

Carter, Jimmy, inflation and, 57; vanquishing of, 57, 60; as library-goer, 94; freelance diplomacy of, 98

Castro, Fidel, projected death of, 52, 56; as Kennedy hater, 56; fastball of, 56; as GOP keynoter, 56

Cawein, Madison, blues poet, as Waste Land originator, 145

Chanel, Coco, self-reinvention of, 126; gnomic utterances of, 126; as "horizontal" collaborator, 126; timeless style of, 126

Clinton, Bill, ill-starred library of, 93-94; newfound frailty of, 94; shrinking legacy of, 94; North Korea and, 98-99, 106-108

Clinton, Hillary, presidential prospects of, 38; Cansecan scrutiny endured by, 38; as "Bob Dole in drag," 38

Coxey, Jacob, industrial army of, 66

Darwin, Charles, heresies of, 73-74

Day, Dorothy, Fondan qualities of, 129

Dyomochka, "Spets," mobster, as reality-TV producer, 36

Eliot, T. S., as long-underwear advocate, 142; as Orwell antagonist, 142; plagiaristic tendencies of, 142, 145; despairing Christianity of, 143; fascistic leanings of, 145; death wish of, 145; overcompensatory headgear of, 145; midwestern roots of, 148; rhythmic grumbling of, 148

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, elderly enclaves and, 80; on human bondage, 140

Faithfull, Marianne, as glamour groupie, 137; clear eyes of, 137

Fillmore, Millard, general unremarkability of, 51

Fitzgerald, F. Scott, resurrection of, 127

Fonda, Henry, remote control exercised by, 130-133; as Tom Joad, 131; obscurity of, 133

Fonda, Jane, as fantasy Rather spouse, 129; Columbian counterexample of, 129; patriotic bona fides of, 129-133; as Barbie doll, 130; mea culpas of, 130-132; aerobic idealism of, 132; as trapeze artist, 133

Fontenot, Cathy, prison warden, on mortality, 89; on hope, 92

Freytag-Loringhoven, Elsa von, tail-lighted gowns of, 137; spoon necklaces of, 137; as revolutionary, 137; as nut case, 137

Frist, Bill, as marathon man, 42

Gibson, Mel, as death-row pinup, 71

God, as Republican, 57, 94; fiancées of, 93

Gomaa, Ali, Egyptian grand mufti, as anti-fundamentalist, 40-44; as close reader, 40-44; entrepreneurial flock of, 44; on elegance of sharia, 44

Gore, Al, as podcaster, 13; televised Google searches and, 13; swollen face of, 94

Göring, Hermann, sword of, 87

Grant, Cary, sublimity of, 125

Hamlet, lustful mother of, 135

Hepburn, Katharine, as scorekeeper, 162

Hirst, Damien, avant-garde taxidermy of, 156; seashells and, 156

Honoré II, Monégasque prince, enduring serenity of, 162

Hood, Robin, as meddler, 149

Hope, Bob, as courtier, 163

Huckabee, Mike, as marathon man, 42

Huxley, Aldous, anticlimactic passing of, 162

Jagger, Mick, trousers of, 137

John Paul II, as death-row pinup, 71

Johnson, Gary, former New Mexico governor, as Ironman, 42; as Everest conqueror, 42

Johnson, Samuel, as marriage counselor, 140

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

Cooking for yourself is one of the surest ways to eat well.


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