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Volume 295 no. 3 / April 2005

Adams, John Quincy, as isolationist, 97; monsters seen by, 97

Adorno, Theodor, as dropped name, 116

Agnew, Spiro, alliterative beefs of, 68; thuggishness of, 68; as potential Supreme Court justice, 87

Barbarossa, restless spirit of, 132

Beattie, Ann, quiet mastery of, 104

Berg, Nicholas, as moral barometer, 51-53

Bert, as Limbaugh target, 34

Bertolucci, Robin, radio program director, on stimulation and its discontents, 53

Blackmun, Harry, as slowpoke, 80

Blair, Tony, as object of protest, 107; as literary guest star, 109

Bono, Mary, as political widow, 40

Braun, Eva, as sunbather, 134

Brecht, Bertolt, as electoral reformer, 103

Brennan, William, as Rehnquist admirer, 80

Brooks, Geraldine, novelist, sharp ear of, 115

Browne, Sir Thomas, misogyny of, 103

Bruce, Lenny, as LBJ channeler, 99

Buchanan, Pat, as isolationist, 97

Bunker, Archie, as swung voter, 104

Burger, Warren, chief justice, as rubber stampee, 40; as conservative, 42; liberal excesses of, 42; pomposity of, 40, 79; ineptitude of, 79

Burton, Richard, long face of, 112

Bush, George H.W., as Limbaugh nemesis, 32; as Saudi bride, 36

Bush, George W., as bogeyman, 35; as Fredo figure, 35; judicial prerogatives of, 38-42; bedtime of, 138

Callenbach, Ernest, utopian novelist, flawed vision of, 105

Chiampou, Ken, talk-radio host, as rabid dog, 64; as oik, 64; as Gray Davis nemesis, 64; as tenor, 64

Christ, Jesus, neighborliness of, 44

Clark, Wesley, as tough guy, 98

Clinton, Bill, easy-listening tastes of, 139

Conan Doyle, Arthur, calculated mournfulness of, 112

Corley, Chris, actor, stimulating whispers of, 51

Couric, Katie, obscene delicacy of, 77

Curzon, Lord, on petro-diplomacy, 48

Davis, Gray, as "rotting stool," 64; as ratings gold, 73

Debs, Eugene, as isolationist, 97

Dixon, Jeane, as Nixon adviser, 138

Dobson, James, as strict daddy, 100

Dole, Bob, as Dittohead, 35

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, hipness of, 105

Eckart, Dietrich, Hitler mentor, nightshirt of, 132; death mask of, 134

Eggers, Dave, as faux-Wodehousian, 109; indiscipline of, 109

Ernie, as Limbaugh target, 34

Ford, Ford Madox, as man's man, 111

Fortas, Abe, Supreme Court justice, as ne'er-do-well, 42

Franken, Al, as liberal talk-radio host, 35, 55; as likely non-factor, 35; clownishness of, 104

Freud, Sigmund, vacation spot of, 132

Frey, Amber, as muse, 76

Gillespie, Dizzy, as Nixon court musician, 139

Gingrich, Newt, fallen empire of, 32-35

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader, as Rehnquist admirer, 80; restraint of, 82

Goldwater, Barry, as campaign-finance reformer, 36; as gay-rights advocate, 86

Göring, Hermann, pool of, 132

Haldeman, Bob, as dungeonmaster, 139

Hannity, Sean, talk-show host, distinctive voice pattern of, 72; probity of, 77

Hayden, H. Thomas, military analyst, on need for Iraqi New Deal, 28

Hendrie, Phil, talk-show host, as prankster, 62, 76; Barnumesque cruelty of, 62, 76

Hitchcock, Alfred, suspenseful gravitas of, 113

Hitler, Adolf, alpine getaway of, 131-134; as object of adoration, 131-134; "Struggle Hut" of, 131; bowling alley of, 132; garden of, 134

Homer, multitudes contained by, 98

Hughes, Charles Evans, chief justice, presidential bid of, 38, 81; as kept man of business, 38; greatness of, 38, 82

Hussein, Saddam, oil appetite of, 48; as literary catalyst, 107-110; far-flung cruelty of, 109

Johnson, Lyndon B., elocution of, 99

Kissinger, Henry, manliness of, 139

Kobylt, John, talk-radio host, on dental care, 60; eye surgery and, 60; as rabid dog, 64; as oik, 64; as demagogue, 65

Kundera, Milan, cruelty of, 103

Lakoff, George, linguist, on political "reframing," 99-100; "neuroscientific hooey" peddled by, 99-100

Larkin, Philip, epistolary awfulness of, 103; mum and dad of, 103

Lay, Kenneth, as common man, 104

Le Carré, John, submissive women of, 111; cheap complexity of, 112; snob appeal of, 112; obsolescence of, 115; first truly bad novel of, 115-116

Lee, Robert E., few words of, 90

Leno, Jay, as anchorman, 66

Liddy, G. Gordon, headshots and, 34-35; as Limbaugh descendant, 55

Limbaugh, Rush, as honorary congressman, 32; as insider, 32-35; as outsider, 32, 35; as Sesame Street grouch, 34; ecumenical appeal of, 32, 35; ironic register of, 52; as Pretenders fan, 58; rich baritone of, 64; as Agnew heir, 68

Limon, Emiliano, radio producer, on pressures of persona, 59; news diet of, 66; offhand virtuosity of, 72

Lincoln, Abraham, as "greatest bearded president," 24

Lippmann, Walter, as isolationist, 98

Luttwak, Edward, military analyst, on whining/morale nexus, 94

Mailer, Norman, as arbiter of misbegotten taste, 105

Marcuse, Herbert, as dropped name, 116

Marshall, Thurgood, as Rehnquist admirer, 79-80

Matsui, Doris, as political widow, 40

McBride, Martina, country singer, subtlety of, 58

McEwan, Ian, softness of, 107; hardness of, 107; as self-satirist, 107-108; as squash chronicler, 109; on street-sweeping, 109-110

McLaughlin, Edward F., talk-radio syndication pioneer, 67

Milton, John, on divorce, 103

Minow, Newton, former FCC chair, as guardian of public interest, 67; as nanny-state mama's boy, 67

Moore, Michael, clownishness of, 104

Nichols, John, as critic of empire, 97-98; selective attention of, 97-98

Nietzsche, Friedrich, as midwife, 103; as misogynist, 103; as beast of burden, 103

Nixon, Hannah, Richard's mother, unintended consequences of, 139

Nixon, Richard, belly-dancers and, 138; as chosen one, 138; as hipster, 139

Nolan, Mae Ella, as pioneering political widow, 40

O'Connor, Sandra Day, as Rehnquist classmate, 84

O'Reilly, Bill, distinctive voice pattern of, 72

Oakeshott, Michael, as Rehnquist thesis topic, 82

Patton, Paul, former Kentucky governor, as lackluster lover, 71

Presley, Elvis, as museum piece, 34; as man with golden gun, 34; scarf of, 34; as well-armed TV critic, 119

Reed, Ralph, as hydrologist, 36

Rehnquist, William, as songwriter, 79; as mother hen, 80; smoking schedule of, 80; as quizmaster, 80; spotty civil-rights record of, 42, 84-87; old-school conservatism of, 79, 82-87; on barbarians, 86; as Lone Ranger, 87; ceremonial chalice of, 90; as last of his kind, 90

Rivera, Bobby, Marine, motivational techniques of, 94

Robbins, Tim, as political analyst, 97

Rove, Karl, political equal of, 40

Rushdie, Salman, as literary brawler, 114-115

Samson, troubled marriage of, 103

Scalia, Antonin, vitriol of, 79, 88; purity of, 79, 82; as activist judge, 82; as Chicken Little, 87; on abortion as slavery, 88; originalist catechism of, 88-90

Schlessinger, Dr. Laura, as radio heavyweight, 32; as TV flop, 59

Scott, John A., as capo di tutti Dantisti, 98

Sebald, W. G., as overlooked master, 24

Simpson, Homer, on alcohol, 46

Simpson, O. J., as ratings gold, 73, 75-77; as Bronco buster, 77; as Hertz pitchman, 77

SquarePants, SpongeBob, as hostage, 34

Street, Della, as clerical ideal, 138

Taft, Robert, "Mr. Republican," as Rehnquist idol, 82; as isolationist, 97

Taft, William Howard, fastball of, 13

Thomas, Clarence, as culture warrior, 79, 82; as memoirist, 90

Tolstoy, Leo, squareness of, 105

Vidal, Gore, as isolationist, 97-98; as Buchanan bedfellow, 97

Warren, Earl, chief justice, liberal opposition to, 38-40

Washington, George, liquid campaign assets of, 36

Weil, Simone, as amateur classicist, 98; self-important saintliness of, 98

Whittier, John Greenleaf, as jurist, 82

Williams, William Appleman, historian, insights of, 97; gaseousness of, 97

Woods, Rose Mary, Nixon secretary, contortions of, 138-139; as tipping point, 138; as Time covergirl, 139; as Duke Ellington dance partner, 139; undeleted expletives of, 139

Woods, Tiger, as messiah, 70

Wordsworth, Dorothy, incest and, 24

Wordsworth, William, incest and, 24

Ziegler, John, talk-radio host, as scratch golfer, 51; as sportscaster, 51, 69; moral clarity of, 51-53; emotional range of, 52; abstemiousness of, 54; as libertarian, 55; persona-free persona of, 64; vocal timbre of, 64; employment history of, 69-71; political correctness and, 69-71, 73; "N-word" and, 70; selective self-awareness of, 70; Sharptonian cadences of, 74; as golf-ball Queeg, 75; as O.J. Ahab, 51, 69-70, 73-77

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