Proper-Name Index

Volume 294 No. 2 / September 2004

Abelard, Peter, as scholastic castrato, 125; sadomasochism and, 125; as father of Astralabe, 125

Allen, John L. Jr., as Vatican observer, 96; as Stephanopoul-ish, 96

Anonymous, CIA insider, on Iraq War as "gift" to bin Laden, 123; as neo-isolationist, 124—125

Arinze, Francis, Nigerian cardinal, as animist convert to Catholicism, 94; as potential Pope, 94

Atkinson, Paul, idealistic pig farmer, 153—155

Baby Jessica, as high school graduate, 151

Bartman, Steve, broken-hearted Cubs fan, 151

Beatty, Warren, as McGovern adviser, 86

Begin, Menachem, former Israeli Prime Minister, as apparent influence on al-Qaeda tactics, 61

Bennett, Tony, digestive integrity of, 162

Bing, Steve, playboy-philanthropist, as political donor, 73, 75—76, 83, 88; as "Bing Laden," 75; pre-emptive paternity press release of, 75

Bin Laden, Osama, as publicity hound, 64; as UN critic, 64; as cheerleader, 70; as political strategist, 70; targeting of Israel by, 70, 124

Bogdanovich, Peter, as boy genius, 122; as "endearing vampire," 122

Bonaparte, Napoleon, as matchmaker, 128

Borges, Jorge Luis, as Argentine analogue of Joyce, 143—144; as Anglophone, 143—146; as anti-Peronist, 145, 147; sexual preoccupations of, 143—145, 147—148; as "crazed pedant," 148; as "precious astrolabe," 146

Burkle, Ron, political fundraiser, on separation of supermarket and state, 88

Bush, George W., as futures commodity, 35

Carter, Jimmy, as hero of North Korean propaganda, 139

Charles, Ray, genius of, 162—163; as ecumenical cola pitchman, 162; casting couch maintained by, 163; on segregation among the blind, 162; heroin addiction of, 163

Churchill, Winston, fictional brandy-soaked statecraft of, 108

Cleaver, Eldridge, on relative gentleness of Oakland police, 134

Clinton, Bill, as micro-initiator, 33; as location scout, 74; as "first Oprah President," 126; as Eddie Haskell, 127; as mama's boy, 128; as "the JFK who lived," 130; policy infidelities of, 126; as indexer, 126; as sketcher of false dichotomies, 126—128; as sleep aid, 126; genocide and, 131; as Eisenhower Republican, 131; as Ray Charles fan, 162

Clinton, Hillary, as potential Democratic standard-bearer, 28; as often out of town, 132

Coleman, Jon, lupine historian, 121—122

Coulter, Ann, as Uma Thurman of the right, 126

Cox, Cathy, Georgia secretary of state, as novitiate, 35

Cumings, Bruce, historian, awkward timing of, 133

David, Larry, as "poor schmuck," 78; as "rich prick," 78; curbed enthusiasm for hybrid cars of, 83

David, Laurie, as "It Girl of Hollywood progressive politics," 82; as anti-SUV, 78; as celebrity traffic cop, 82

Derek, Bo, as conservative sex kitten, 74

Doherty, Shannen, as lonely Hollywood Republican, 73

Dole, Bob, as forgotten man, 126

Egan, Richard, as enthusiastic Bush fundraiser, 36; as enthusiastic Nader fundraiser, 36

Eisenhower, Dwight, inner demons of, 126

Farfaletti, Florence, as fictional "Florence of Arabia," 106—119

Finletter, Thomas K., on anti-Soviet preventive war, 152

Flowers, Gennifer, as time-capsule curio, 126

Gephardt, Dick, as object of desire, 128

Gibson, Mel, as lonely Hollywood Republican, 73

Giuliani, Rudolph, as potential Republican standard-bearer, 28

Gore, Al, as preferred candidate of the unchurched, 52

Graham, Billy, as secret Bill Clinton consort, 127

Grammer, Kelsey, as lonely Hollywood Republican, 73

Hazan, Marcella, recipe for braised pork shoulder of, 157—158

Heloise, epistolary hints from, 125; as novitiate, 125

Holybone, Roscoe G., as fictional fundamentalist martyr, 116

Hussein, Saddam, as used-car dealer, 38

Idle, Eric, as foul-mouthed political songbird, 82

Kaelin, Kato, as speck in the public eye, 152

Karzai, Hamid, Afghan President, pricey security detail of, 39

Kennedy, Ted, drill sergeant of, 44; "Bloody Sunday" and, 102

Kerry, John, potential presidential frustrations of, 28; as futures commodity, 35; "oomph" deficit of, 33

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