The January/February Puzzler

Each of this puzzle's clues yields an eight-letter answer to be entered in the grid so as to trace a normal (vertical) figure eight. An entry may proceed in any direction from its starting point in the appropriately numbered square, crossing itself at the fifth letter—which is, therefore, the same as the first. Letters in the grid's eight unchecked corner squares, reading clockwise, will show one way to form a figure eight. Answers include one capitalized word.


1. Start of Torn Curtain breaking quiet

2. Sort of mask and cuff Ella designed (hyphenated)

3. Revealing true drink after good shot?

4. Masculine, in the manner of silent dog

5. Doubt oar could be what moves a boat

6. Confederate understood about Yankee's first sandwich choice (two words)

7. Split beam around western watercourse

8. Scores left in stalemates

9. Last of oat crumbs for some horses

10. Gradually fills INS farms

11. Baby food improperly containing popular analgesic (two words)

12. Fantastic sum a mint makes free

13. Westbound, choose among cashiers in remote stations

14. Eating vegetables, monkey died satisfied

15. Traffic hazard and a bummer, running into deer (two words)

16. Company kept by Alice's crazy, variegated cats

17. Don't allow eccentric keeping above-average financial record

18. Shut down, losing Liberal is unable to function

19. Increase number included in layer

20. Label wrapping in metal "polluting"

21. Tick Babe off with slander

22. Passing boat stuck in grass, moved the car

23. Trek in part beside mountain, and notice tablet (two words)

24. Meagerly small garnish, with a slight twist?

25. Not mentioning nail found in shelter (two words)

26. Horse's original new harness gets unpleasant

27. Changing the lists nettles

28. Sewed up old hat with name inside

29. Lack of flexibility in the morning evident in a series of steps

30. Irregular chunk of coral invested in for one thousand (hyphenated)

31. A word contributed to flood reduction

32. A green also known as "tamarin's tail" in Amazonian language


The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.

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