Word Magic

The July/August Puzzler

Ten answers undergo a transformation when they enter the diagram. The process is magical and is abetted, reputedly, by 39 Across. Clue answers include eight capitalized words.


1. Mrs. Trollope discards English money that's out of use (6)
5. Reportedly sacked spot in capital city (7)
11. Each supporter I would censure (7)
12. Harmony in E, in tempo (5)
14. Puts up with secret maneuvering (6)
16. Graduate in contracting material (4)
17. Around one, I shoot a lizard (6)
18. Outside of park, sheep don't have soot (9)
19. Vandals grabbing $1,000 slabs (5)
20. Furtively move ship's front line (5)
22. Without taking nap, be for veggies (4,5)
26. Alchemic stuff Greek character located in 1050 (5)
29. End of movie grasped by only Italian director (5)
31. Star comedian, to a grandma eating peanut butter (3,6)
33. Like a tough course in university Donahue left (6)
34. The Spanish acquiring a part of Asia (4)
35. Heard bird speech that's simplified (6)
36. Dope's joke (5)
37. That dude keeps playing bop in part of a joint (7)
38. Wisconsin town treated Shane OK (7)
39. See instructions


1. Oppressive air, almost all of a Bach piece (5)
2. Cracking nuts, Uma falls (7)
3. Wild party excitement after college (8)
4. Bourgeoisie clearly embraces century in France (6)
6. Newspaper piece or bit after the first (7)
7. Actress in Cool Blaze (7)
8. Hairstyle divided by a hat from the top (2,4)
9. Doing quite well at running topless (5)
10. Chess-playing computer's bleep, due to Spooner (4,4)
13. Penning Latin, make part of a sentence (6)
15. Whack pig down with piece of siding (9)
19. Bee in swarm following drone in abnormal curve (8)
20. Magnificent tail a pal braided (8)
21. Extract victory without delay (6)
23. Bacon is processed for Oreo manufacturer (7)
24. Doctor has boil to get rid of (7)
25. Then, a politician's first fight for platform (7)
27. Lunatic ran the Middle Eastern hub (6)
28. Stir about one parakeet (6)
30. Extra bowling mark (5)
32. Flower sampler with lid removed (5)


The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's puzzle.

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