Compact Disc

The May Puzzler

In this disc each Radial word 1-20 is to be entered with its letters in mixed order. To fix the positions of these letters, Concentric words are to be entered in rings A-E. The Concentric words are clued in order and proceed clockwise starting from sector 1 in each ring. Some extra music is crammed into this compact disc. That is to say, five Concentric answers (one per ring) and five Radial answers contain one extra letter apiece, so five grid spaces will each need to accommodate two consecutive letters. Taken from ring A inward to ring E, these five pairs of letters identify the musical instrument featured on this disc. Answer lengths are not given for the Radial clues. Six clue answers are capitalized, and the answer to 10 is an uncommon term.


1. Set time kept by composer

2. Lalo has trimmed "Farewell"

3. In a debate, answers puzzle about Beethoven's Fourth

4. Musical notes right for a swinger's catchy line?

5. Organ contains round item that's breathtaking?

6. Idol's acquiring Autry's original spurs

7. Latin jazz master stirred teen up

8. Bit of sexy stuff in "Beat It"

9. Judge tempo right

10. Scale for soprano, as Mom

11. Headed "Jump"

12. Beatle not finished with Kiss singer Annie

13. Take a rest in the middle of dancing facility

14. Jolson's ironclad? Wrong

15. Fats Waller's finale adopted by boys

16. A leader in blues cut short "Over and Over"

17. Composer transposed "Blue Oz"

18. Emcee at a square dance returned holding one flower

19. Long locks covering Gluck's head— a hairy problem?

20. Make a harsh sound terrific for an audience


A. 1. Musical instrument for dope in benefit (7)

     2. Massachusetts petitions about Queen's dance events (7)

     3. A hit's sound breaks up a Los Angeles country band (7)

B. 1. Visitor's wild shout about musical transition (10)

     2. Soprano Moffo's collecting 50 records (6)

     3. Playing bugle is swell (5)

C. 1. Returned drunk with the Spanish singers (5)

     2. A high-pitched voice keeps Em quavering (8)

     3. More than cool kind of jazz with brio (8)

D. 1. Greek drummer's starting group associated with Dylan (3,4)

     2. Color of linen for Motley Crue (4)

     3. Formerly part of concertos (4)

     4. Long-legged flapper changed octave (6)

E. 1. Guthrie's following 4/4 time with Santana (6)

     2. Absurd situations with bovine in marches (9)

     3. Child's toy with a rapper's face makes low note? (6)

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.

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The Blacksmith: A Short Film About Art Forged From Metal

"I'm exploiting the maximum of what you can ask a piece of metal to do."

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