The July/August Puzzler

The diagram shows cubes in rows of six, their top faces numbered 1-36, their side faces opened like flaps of a box, and their bottom faces obscured. Each cube has a letter on each face; these six letters can be arranged to form a Cube Word. Overlapping side faces share a letter. Clues are also given for six Top Face Words. Squares at the sides of the diagram are already filled appropriately. Letters on the 36 unseen bottom faces, taken in order, spell out a quotation (one we hope not to hear from any solver) and its source. Answers include three proper nouns. For this puzzle idea we are indebted to "Ad," of The Listener.


1-6. Face #6, wise guy
7-12. King, according to The Voice, in ruins
13-18. Recited "Aura Lee" out loud
19-24. Western picture's supporter is sneaky sort
25-30. Possibility of Gregorian pieces heard
31-36. Engineer clouts bug


1. Face of bull, sheep, cow or ox
2. Clue found in true Japanese religion
3. Holds first of peas in pot
4. Great opera star turned pregnant
5. Joining sea in France and Germany
6. Time of year for problem solver
7. Scarcely emotional in court room
8. Aimless medical drama ran on time
9. Trims branches away from some fruit
10. Taxis parked outside of popular houses
11. Twerp wearing old sleeveless jacket
12. Outings with Jay and kin
13. Pair of bodies received by a South American city
14. In the sound, make like a seal boat
15. Rock measures for an audience
16. Show hesitation, failing to change
17. Lieutenant pens song line that's catchy?
18. Bird call receives an "A"
19. A wig he moved off the floor?
20. Drug dealer is picture's first leading man?
21. Fast food outside a square
22. Serve Buddhist sect's groups
23. Packed kind of cap before Gym Day
24. Group of stars happy about West Coast airport
25. Company man forceful and to the point
26. Compose an essay about savannah's last snake
27. Thousand and one calls from ravens and parrots
28. Boats made of sticks with nothing inside
29. Oscar-winning actress in room by kindergarten
30. Desserts split by nine elves
31. Ensign aboard vessel
32. Stew in the past eaten by longstanding habit
33. Piece about source of UHF channel
34. Goddess covering Eastern scenes
35. Wild except when straddling Silver
36. Bring up pop and rock musical

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.

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The 86-Year-Old Farmer Who Won't Quit

A filmmaker returns to his hometown to profile the patriarch of a family farm

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The 86-Year-Old Farmer Who Won't Quit

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