The Puzzler


Answers to the clues for Radii, all six letters in length, are to be entered from the perimeter inward; answers to the Rings are to be entered clockwise. The locations of each Ring's four entries, which are clued in no special order, may be determined with the help of the crossing Radii answers. The innermost Ring is a Wraparound -- that is, its five unclued words may be found by reading its 20 letters clockwise twice around the ring. Answers to clues include five proper nouns and a possibly unfamiliar word at Ring d.






a. A grass skirt's wrapped around green gnomes (9)
Book conveys feeling of exhilaration with heraldic gold painting (9)
Wildly impulsive cad tangled up in plot (6)
Entertained a doctor with internal practice (6)

b. 1,000 mergers consuming Self and Time magazine contents (9)
A numskull returned with hot sponge (6)
Sticking a teaspoon in main dish, daughter implored (9)
Share the authorship of "Skipping the Sixth Shell" (6)

c. Following band around U.S., let loose (9)
Heard impression of a seal in "The Ugly Duckling"? (6)
In jest, fuzz take hostage (6)
Grumbling, say, in Dynasty (9)

d. Environmentalist, after the first tests, returns from outer space (9)
Repeated phrase about a miniature iridescent gem (9)
Sweet Sue almost paired with Hollywood's Cooper (6)
Piece of food about fitting dish for dipping (6)

e. Shop carrying novel article, sort of pottery (9)
Detects twisted vice in former Israeli Prime Minister (9)
Lip hurt by booze (6)
Feel funny about popular characteristic of some pets (6)


1. Stretches political writings
2. Rap hit covered by "Yo Daddy" (hyphenated)
3. Stuff that is put back in buns?
4. With witticism, acknowledge style of the 60s
5. Fared badly eating a hillbilly's chicken
6. Eliot character is heartless sailor
7. Faculty with one teacher of karate
8. Swallow Sprite, gripping plastic gun
9. Crazy rant by American poet
10. Came back through lower Germany from the east
11. Newly reset old sound system
12. At the start, different protagonist captures alien
13. Signified nothing by error in repair
14. Simple citrus fluid
15. Michigan place's surroundings
16. After introduction, most in need of weight loss bear witness
17. Chat about folio penned by hack
18. Kangaroo bounds off, cavorting with rabbit
19. Legendary Spanish soldier and I splitting a cold tart
20. Overdose taken by rebellious youth Hamlet


The Atlantic Monthly; December 2000; Puzzler - 00.12; Volume 286, No. 6; page 127.


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