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The Puzzler


Somebody has taken something from 17 answers in this puzzle's diagram. The two unclued Across entries identify the crime and the unclued Down entry identifies the perpetrator. Answer lengths are also missing. Answers include nine capitalized words, one of them an acronym; 28 Across is a bit archaic, and 36 Across is rare although made of common parts.





1. Herb is jazz combo member providing great intensity
6. Desert heat returns in mountain
9. Be second in departure from the stage
10. Iconoclastic, the man leads wild rodeo in Texas
11. Chart having a variable that can be assessed
12. Luxurious spot by an advertising union
14. Tragic figure in plot made dim
15. A ding-a-ling with no delay
16. Born and died in poverty
18. FBI guys dividing gold treasury's first increase
20. Young lady I put in spot with an African leader's name
21. Father qualified made-up story
24. Farm animal gripped by doctor gave a cry
25. Told of former president's education
28. Delaware's body of water shows low ebb?
30. Announced plant yield
31. Fat boy's eating restricted
32. Share drink with bit of rum in it
34. A thorny item sprang into being
35. To dine after a pair of days makes sense (two words)
36. Warrior princess adopts Arabian love of things foreign
37. Follows Gwyneth's lead in hairstyles
38. Rocket circles left of the sun
39. Cordelia awfully cross with painter

1. Church employees making love a whole lot
2. One times one: a length of a line in geometry
3. Name for a woman equals name for a man
4. Grass around acres where cows might be set free
5. Tail of the T. Rex whacked me last
6. Alcoholic drink excellent for a Union general
7. Cook while standing in garbage
8. Verbally, couple settles up for rugs
13. New article: "In the Role of Grandmothers"
17. Energy nuts exert in Devonshire city
19. Government agent keeps law bent
21. Obsession oddly rendered Dixie deaf (two words)
22. Flowers with cheerful appearances around a treasure site
23. English city is #1, according to The Listener
25. Interpret illiterate signature in English money
26. It detects sulfur ingested by Spanish gent
27. Get rid of #11, and hurry back (hyphenated)
28. Doctor John, about to be too enthusiastic
29. Use a sharp stick to get small fruit
33. French writer with two embraces?


The Atlantic Monthly; October 2000; The Puzzler - 00.10; Volume 286, No. 4; page 139.


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