The Puzzler


The Puzzler


Answers to the twelve "Highlights" clues -- given without lengths and in mixed order -- are not entirely delineated by their clues' descriptive wordplay (anagrams, charades, containers, and so forth) and need an application of 16 Across to make them fully correct, thereby highlighting them in the grid. Answers to normal clues include six capitalized words.





1. Shirley & Howard initially left in glow, throwing caution to the wind (6)
5. Act in conjunction with performing "The Fairy King" (6)
10. Chatter about Republican's seizure (4)
11. California beach bum newly adopting a Muslim name (6)
12. Some corn Beatty brought home (6)
14. St. Laurent assuredly carries a certain style of neckline (4)
20. Spy passing leak (4)
21. Arsenic is, in acidity or alkalinity, like some venom (6)
25. Ricci bent out of shape about Time reviewer (6)
26. Card containing restricted legal document (4)
27. Female yeti's unusually pugnacious (6)
28. Be concerned with ER line (6)

1. Feels sorry for red birds (7)
2. Slipping, he's far from the top (6)
3. Television provides coverage for an Italian author (4)
4. Audible part of a wheel jack (5)
6. Retrospective that is seen in very dry Middle Eastern city (6)
7. Germs all over my robes (7)
8. New Age element (4)
9. Improve band on the radio, then quit (5)
13. Former Israeli Prime Minister following a thousand current measures (7)
15. Unscrupulous lawyer involved in mass hysteria (7)
17. Charge Diana $100 in interest (6)
18. Small size of type for prominent star (5)
19. Heard gangs go on the prowl (6)
22. Cleverly devised salt lick (5)
23. Angler's hook and short boner (4)
24. Pop some guts (4)

a. Empty cup held by bolt is object of a quest
b. Classic piece of drama in Love Story
c. Interrupting random reverie, train dog
d. Bird with feathered legs has each leg bent
e. One wearing chaps, in moderation
f. Ocean road taken by the fellow with Khan's army
g. Spot on the forehead, a holy spot for Sikhs
h. California gorge split by trickle, originally
i. About fifty standing before false idol
j. Promissory note found among sliced bananas and apple
k. Ornamental type of tree from Asia or Iran ordered
l. General gradually destroyed bridge


The Atlantic Monthly; September 2000; The Puzzler - 00.09; Volume 286, No. 3; page 119.


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