The Puzzler

The Puzzler


EACH clue answer in this puzzle is to be entered with its first letter in the appropriately numbered square and the rest of its letters sequentially forming a right triangle with one horizontal side, one vertical side, and one diagonal side. The numbered square always represents a corner of a triangle whose first leg proceeds in the compass direction given next to the clue's number; the orientation of the other two legs must be deduced. Letters in the shaded squares form a triangle of their own. Answers include four capitalized words, one of them foreign.


1. S With sides, triangle shapes (6)
2. SW Work with needle and thread, so we hear (3)
3. W Sweet note in the Spanish song (6)
4. E Wrongly interpret film schedule including Ran (12)
5. SW Sailor returned with a sinking ship's deserter (3)
6. E Crook inside would ogle girls (6)
7. NE Rudimentary vehicle got around California river (2-4)
8. N Mood of part-time employee on E.R. (6)
9. NW Pop story: "Heartless Tart" (6)
10. W Baker roasted nuts for someone enjoying a roll? (12)
11. N Dire Straits is for people who make fun (9)
12. N Gives a lift to crowds around Interstate (6)
13. SE Nothing to erase except the ending in a little poem (6)
14. N Happy with recent times in education (6)
15. E Weak spot she found in a cold fish (8,4)
16. E A man's proxies (6)
17. SW Tough stuff scattered at glacier (9)
18. SW Edward and I, in getting married and reconciling (9)
19. SE "Stop," I spoke, and went downhill (12)
20. S Equestrian lassoes a person on the attack (6)
21. N A large salmon (51 centimeters) is lush? (9)
22. SE Traveling aide, or aide in traveling? (6)
23. S Shire of Hollywood, after I land in Europe (6)
24. N Even characters in Friends will be embarrassed (3)
25. N I start working for painter (6)
26. N "Blue" record being played quite far into the wee hours (12)
27. S "Tuft" minus a "t" when spelled backwards (6)
28. E Rail company mad at Mark (6)
29. SW Is glum about kid's last scooters (6)
30. SE American painter's Rabbit in Motion (6)
31. W Some beaver's eager or reluctant (6)
32. N Inane, like a 0-0 score? (9)
33. E Doctor each manuscript in Visions (6)
34. W Dine with beer advocate (9)

The Atlantic Monthly; July 2000; The Puzzler - 00.07; Volume 286, No. 1; page 99.

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