The Puzzler

The Puzzler

Cutting the Cards

EACH Down entry is to be entered in the diagram the way a deck of cards is cut -- that is, separated at some point, with the bottom portion then placed intact on the top. For example, the word CARDS might be entered as SCARD, DSCAR, RDSCA, or ARDSC. Letters in the top and bottom rows will spell out a cryptic clue for the diagram's central entry. This clue will also name the game we've chosen to play, explaining why four Across answers are entered unusually. Answers include six capitalized words and a variant spelling at 4D; 27 Across is an uncommon word made of common pieces.


10. Run in game of cards makes you look amused (4)
11. Author wraps up end of French Twist (6)
12. The Spanish blade has time for parting shot (4,4)
13. Expensive Ford's right side handle (4)
14. Design including club gym's crawl space? (7)
15. Sound heard at MacDonald's egg sign (4)
16. Somewhat unreliable essayist's pseudonym (4)
17. Edward fences a street and court for an actor (8)
18. Tipper's unpleasant expression about a man's behind (6)
19. New music capturing Eastern element (6)
23. Fogy embraces pair of sisters in dance move (2-2-2)
25. Minor Broadway tunesmith is given a listen (6)
27. Remodeled low Tudor's exterior area (8)
29. Speed of light, or energy, in essence (4)
31. Impairs a red revolver? (4)
32. Baloney wrapping is for Italian dish (7)
33. Part of some bread on your tongue (4)
34. A Mac won't set straight a Batman character (8)
35. Brainy lunatic's double (6)
36. A complete lack of room for a model (4)

1. Ring encircles first of digits of the foot (5)
2. Al Gore dashed around lake at a good clip (7)
3. Commercial wrap worn by Old Wye playwright (7)
4. Trap holds back little lapwing (6)
5. The two of us admit engulfing a road with exhaust (4,4)
6. Oddball party behind dam (6)
7. Tomfool wallet item with nothing in it (5)
8. Get more nervous with giant in hearing (7)
9. Wiped out, beat retreats before day (8)
18. Bordello gets repaired buzzer (8)
19. Kitchen servant in rowboat with one aboard (8)
20. Make senseless rule about some brownie ingredients (7)
21. Calls about orange and white shells (7)
22. For scorer, put everything in row (7)
24. Confessions of belief in sacred ostriches (6)
26. Packed for Vermont ski resort by the first of December (6)
28. Be stimulated about a court (5)
30. Poem about theater (5)

The Atlantic Monthly; May 2000; The Puzzler - 00.05; Volume 285, No. 5; page 131.

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