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The Puzzler

Bright Prospects

THE omission of answer lengths from this puzzle's clues may seem a gloomy business, but a consolation is spelled out in the shaded circles, reading left to right and top to bottom. This phrase may help you reconcile 14 clue answers with their places in the diagram. Answers include four proper nouns and a less-than-common word at 2 Down; new diagram entries include one proper noun and one two-word phrase.



1. Member of a fraternity that was screened in and out

6. Making a 180° turn very recently, finished at the front

10. Domestic work with a blade, about medium

11. Holder of second in contest

13. Heard the main musician's songs

14. Gold coin for wearing around start of Lent

15. Put up with spike-carrying revolutionary

17. Tray for serving refreshments, mostly to assuage

19. Facing the wrong way, a kind of pastry's layers

23. John Brown's back with somebody who's gone around the bend

26. Ministers to tackle limits

27. Continue to improve current TV drama in return

30. Swindle is gripping to actor in Becket

31. Interest in crosses and arms of the sea

32. Brownish hue I found in yellow flower

33. Confess about couple of errors in dating

34. Guy without a pen

35. Rather old idiot in gym class


1. Restaurants invaded by hundred bugs

2. Greek soldier landed in Arkansas town

3. Horror film of the 1970s not fully kept in stock

4. is a bit of goofy fluff

5. Miles put into old Bean's work clothes

6. Idly, we shifted across a lot of territory

7. Lost a note, according to the audience

8. Onset of guitars in rock is something frightful

9. Born of French, with Dutch required

12. Low note for an actress in Ordinary People

16. Skunks in circle surrounded by tracks

17. Bunker is also in band (two words)

18. "Victory" sign goes through changes

20. One in Bye-Bye is performing an aria, perhaps

21. Force small lock

22. In performance, "I Love New York" is rather smelly

24. In a Midwestern town, our group is entertaining

25. "Zip," sister said

28. Upcoming magazine to put into circulation

29. Noise before great sound of a chime

The Atlantic Monthly; March 2000; The Puzzler - 00.03; Volume 285, No. 3; page 119.

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