The Puzzler

The Puzzler

A River Runs Through It

To identify the river running through our diagram, enter the Across answers sequentially starting in the upper left square, but skip over the squares in the river, leaving them empty. Across words reaching the right side of the diagram flow onto the next row down, going left to right. You may be guided by the Numbered answers, whose letters go in the appropriately numbered squares. When all answers are entered, fill the empty squares in the river so as to make new words of 11 of the Across answers (the added letters may go in front of, in back of, or within an Across word). From top to bottom, the added letters will identify our river and the travelers in it. Clue answers include one proper noun; new words in the diagram include two proper nouns.



A. Draw riverboat's prow closer

B. Cereal product passes for after-dinner fare

C. Aboard steamship, reverently regard low part of a river

D. Something that may split loop in string

E. Audibly cut into bend in a river

F. Verse sharply depicts climbing plants

G. Earnestly ask about popular personality

H. Native American kid's first little stream

I. Mediterranean island embracing a fashion

J. Form new plans for radical river transport

K. Called a person central to a degree

L. Like a fanatic practicing tango in river dances

M. Grass particles in medicinal drinks

N. Stray article in can is ground

O. Gravity in certain mass of moving water

P. Incomplete examination of breeding animals


a. I sail on recklessly in an illicit affair (18, 29, 60, 76, 95, 69, 10)

b. Answer having to do with small body of water (46, 38, 87, 63, 27, 79, 11)

c. Big river engulfs the last of our country houses (98, 6, 53, 86, 44, 34, 22)

d. Rocky spot splits violent streams (101, 20, 8, 59, 71, 43, 88, 15)

e. Money in Moscow river turned blue (74, 96, 7, 26, 52)

f. Conquistador possesses veteran ships (23, 65, 56, 33, 48, 73, 83, 99, 39)

g. Worry about quiet English stream (61, 91, 2, 100, 64, 47, 35)

h. Obscure cave harbors boat (4, 9, 72, 49, 55, 66)

i. Hint of a fish shot in big river (77, 84, 28, 40, 19, 57)

j. Rowing team had some food when coming out of the mouth (67, 12, 80, 31, 54)

k. Boat captain's first inspired pronouncement (36, 82, 1, 75, 50, 25, 89)

l. Go sailing with deckhands in the sound (45, 90, 102, 78, 14, 24)

m. Work on a river's mostly dry border (58, 97, 41, 68, 30, 5)

n. Old boat with new paint (81, 42, 94, 32, 17)

o. Prosper in both rivers (62, 16, 51, 93, 70, 13)

p. An Arabian ship, you bet (two words) (92, 3, 103, 37, 85, 21)

The Atlantic Monthly; January 2000; The Puzzler - 00.01; Volume 285, No. 1; page 131.

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