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THIS puzzle's Down clues are given column by column; their answers (one or two per column) cycle downward from an unknown square, exit at the bottom, and continue from the top of the column back to the starting point, using all eleven squares. Every Down clue answer contains one letter too many for its spot in the grid; each of these extra letters should be removed to the nearest blank, above or below the grid. (Some blanks will be left unoccupied.) The letters picked out in this way will produce two items that may fittingly start the two-word procedure to be deduced at 17 Across. All other Across entries are clued normally. Clue answers include five capitalized entries.



1. Good cycle's base (6)

5. Point around tip of elbow joint (6)

9. Castle containing completely wet, rubbery material (8)

10. Expected receiving king and noble (4)

11. Plain speaker's pace (6)

12. Run a story that misrepresents defensive athlete (6)

13. Backed correct tendency (4)

14. Take the place of selfless petitioner? (8)

15. Red Sea swimming eliminated (6)

16. God with a crown and ring (6)


18. Microorganism found in a bee or bats (6)

19. Squeal two times in the middle of recital (6)

20. Sanctimonious sort playing harp, I notice (8)

21. Star involved in love game (4)

22. Doubled one's initial thirst for brew (6)

23. Eruption on Sicily's eastern third throwing caution to the wind (6)

24. Centers for research retrievers (4)

25. Strong affections for one among Pop's boys (8)

26. Spilled pail on something in a car engine (3,3)

27. License outdoor canopy for mikes and speakers? (6)


1. Houdini, for one sec, confounded champion (12)

2. Gore, taking gym class, got a lucky hit (7)

One unopened entrance of a main artery (6)

3. Like Swiss cheese, soup, or nuts (6)

Little foxes pass up desserts (7)

4. Takes apart firearm, missing the first deer (6)

Bum enraged VIP (7)

5. Lightly touch shorebird model (7)

Rejoiced about promotion and footed the bill (6)

6. Went to Virgin Islands locale with Dee (7)

Much true about conservative author (6)

7. Promising help of radical, including head of union (7)

The guy outside came down for rock salt (6)

8. Single so far, getting rest, traveling, and living well (2,4,6)

The Atlantic Monthly; October 1999; The Puzzler - 99.10; Volume 284, No. 4; page 115.

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