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THE word TRANSPOSE, if shaken down -- that is, anagrammed repeatedly with one letter deleted at each step -- may form the following sequence: TRANSPOSE, PROTEANS, SEAPORT, ORATES, ASTER, SEAT, TEA, AT, A. This puzzle's unclued entries form a similar sequence of words shaken down from twelve letters to one letter. Items in this sequence include three capitalized words, the biggest one a two-word phrase. Clues are normal, and their answers include four capitalized words.



5. "Eternities" is dedicated to a civil-rights figure (8)

10. I would like names for girls (4)

11. Solicit drink in one half of duplex (4,2)

13. Company soldier captures heart of stray dog (5)

16. After outbreak, "untouchable" agent's haste (8)

17. Stuff you believe as visitor to our world laughs (5)

19. Fair attractions covered in diamonds display rainbow colors (8)

21. Again, Study in Scarlet including actor from The Crying Game (6)

23. Find Mexican food in the Mexican counter (6)

25. Name of a notable Ethiopian girl I caught amid visit (8)

29. A formal examination cut short in Roman courts (5)

30. Samples of men's epics recast (9)

31. Church figure in 150, an old Norseman (6)

32. Some dishes with pronounced merits (8)

33. Gift-getters witness sign of acknowledgment in return (6)


1. Mediterranean capital misrepresented as "Ionic" (7)

2. Tokyo's old name in verse written up (3)

3. Less often seen live in Red River (5)

4. Small trend reverses works in a magazine office (5)

5. Heater for coffee container in front (7)

6. Oh, mother's one with guts (5)

7. Something just passing convertible -- mere heap (8)

8. Ringing of two notes on land (10)

9. Gave some lip to shortstop and starter for Expos in blue (6)

12. Eating the last piece of cake, you laugh (2-3)

14. Austrian dog disrupted school ceremonies (11)

15. Grow bitter about a diner (7)

18. Quarry surrounding Los Angeles Catholic bishop's office (7)

20. Use a magic spell on door (8)

22. Unfinished set in Rent's creating problems (7)

23. Decked in foliage, started holding prayer (6)

24. Comb and powder (5)

26. Exercise time has Penny in a bad mood (5)

27. Music of the 1970s is in Washington Circle (5)

28. Energy used by Hoover vendors (5)

The Atlantic Monthly; September 1999; The Puzzler - 99.09; Volume 284, No. 3; page 107.

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