EACH of the nine "Mismatches" clues consists of definitions only for two randomly paired words. With a little help, these words can be matched up with their proper partners for entry in the grid. Solvers will need to add a single letter to each of the defined clue answers and then find the pairs of newly formed words that intersect on the added letters. When all nine pairings have been correctly placed in the diagram, their crossing letters may be read from left to right, column by column, to show what unites them. "Mismatches" clue answers include one proper noun. All other entries, which are clued normally, include three capitalized words.


1. Hurts half of mismatches with remixing (5)
7. Corner on the outskirts of a large Irish town (6)
9. Total zero in wrestling (4)
10. Loudly announce opening of laundry in nude (5)
11. Managed church and old western farm (6)
12. Social group's time taken up by legal action (5)
13. Taking two pieces of beef from the middle, rotate serving dish (6)
14. A lark's flying around enclosures in South Africa (6)
16. Lady had a salary of about a thousand (6)
19. A simple vessel carrying a Middle Eastern personage (6)
22. Assistance holding C sharp (4)
23. Start to cry and come apart (4)
24. Take in container of coffee for audition (4)
25. Grieving figures caress while going around island (6)
26. Bill's eating hot snacks (6)

1. In the greatest part of Moby Dick's beginning, be attacked en masse (6)
2. Finally, abridged book of maps (5)
3. Hammer transportation in the Yukon (6)
4. Show opposition busted crate (5)
5. Overdramatize retracting error, in my opinion (5)
6. Reminders of fine found in some bills (6)
8. Bring on popular scoundrel (5)
15. Cause a stir with that item in small print (7)
16. Arrangement of Harlem composer (6)
17. Insect is riding on the back of male colony member (6)
18. Trains water on small branches (6)
20. Bogs containing river plants with no flowers (5)
21. Figure of speech used in metro periodical (5)

a. Wizard was sore
b. Studies melody
c. Ocean harbor
d. Domesticated horse
e. Mother gets older
f. Have a meal at one's residence
g. Swiss city slang
h. Leave a mark on platform
i. Nightclub job as a performer

The Atlantic Monthly; June 1999; Puzzler - 99.06; Volume 283, No. 6; page 139.

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Life as an Obama Impersonator

"When you think you're the president, you just act like you are above everybody else."


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