by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HALF the clues (20) in this puzzle break a kind of law, committing what you might call 22 Across. The punishment is 5 Down, and it's applied to the answers of the offending clues. Lest all this seem unduly harsh, we assure solvers that our wordplay (even when we go to the dastardly extreme of withholding answer lengths from the clues) is meant to be painless. Answers include 13 proper words.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.


1. Stood with shields by front of dungeon
5. Silver rod holds cross
10. Cardinal eating large lunch at the outset gives grace
11. Committee's leader with church flier
12. Memorable barber and landlord? (hyphenated)
13. Dark brown or black, e.g., worn by private investigator
14. Minute instruments for horses
16. Big house behind a small tree
18. Hollow spot mars goggles
20. Pass through a mountain by day, getting dirty
26. Opens Chapel Hill school records
28. No-goodnik's behind gore in picture books
30. Valley contains English bush
31. Nutty and neat, like an old Italian
32. What we get from browning some liver segments
33. Leg's broken by great runner with footballs
34. Former police leader keeps shaking up or shooting up
35. Furnish anew with ruby ring
36. Ground gained, for example, by a cart in reverse
37. Team's opening cheer, rather Ohioan

1. Fish in the place where you'll find nice work for yourself
2. Somewhat antiquated kind of antenna, with nothing left on it
3. Idle, I shot temple's vessel
4. Take no pitches, buster
6. Tonier horses around polo place?
7. Reveal what rascals make with paint?
8. Quality of innocence I've found in Nathaniel
9. Bugs Bunny's heart is in gangster's arms
14. Spiritualist neither great nor terrible
15. Official wizard put another coat on
17. Conservative caught in a romance nook
19. President's yo-yo is grabbed by Mafia boss
21. Sorest man beaten with bat
23. Fire yogi in Australian city
24. Crazy about railroad that is united
25. Mutt's or mouse's obedient servant?
27. Silver butt on a slate
28. Comrade of grumpy agent taking shelter
29. Fat man's somewhat unpleasant attitudes
30. Be evasive with constable's support

The Atlantic Monthly; May 1999; The Puzzler; Volume 283, No. 5; page 131.

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