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by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Rite of Passage

SOME of this puzzle's Across entries take part in 5 Down, a certain ritual; their connection may explain their behavior in the diagram. Lengths for all Across answers are accordingly withheld. Down answers are entered normally. Clue answers include three proper names.


1. Save first of bandages for cut
4. I shot from behind, plugging house pests and garden pests
10. Arranged truce on defeat
12. In computer, enter savings account and note involving illegal seizure
13. Cart 1,000 beds from the rear holding area
14. Somewhat rude guy's name
16. Routines for quiet moments
17. Strengthen love anew in departure
18. Tip initially included in price for entertainment
20. Perfect place for study in cyberspace?
22. Rages about one's phantoms
24. Various and sundry waterfowl
27. Dog food
28. Disrespectful pun timed poorly
31. Network covering the Spanish and English show-biz luminaries
32. After introduction, happy-looking people meet participants
33. Work of art is unsatisfactory in condition
34. Roll heel over

1. Drop act as a Democrat (4)
2. Add up a group of people in conversation (6)
3. Lift announcer's child (4)
4. Belts and footwear (5)
6. Heartthrob given diamonds mostly showing delight (8)
7. Bath filled by senior in retreat was overfilled (5)
8. A fair land (6)
9. Takes it easy and sits once again (7)
11. Shape verse in mind (5)
15. People inhabiting principle housing unit (8)
17. Tie scores broken by first of decimal figures (7)
19. Emergency room gets the anesthetic (5)
21. Terrible court guide (6)
23. Short pony going around riding course for advanced students (6)
25. Estate is cause of trouble in Virginia (5)
26. Girl's nickname is put back in petition (5)
29. Toy with party lines (4)
30. Check comes in white stationery (4)

The Atlantic Monthly; October 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 282, No. 4; page 119.

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