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by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

In Common

Instead of indicating where entries begin and end, the heavy bars in this puzzle divide the diagram into four rows and four columns of four sections each. Clue answers should be entered without regard to the heavy bars, but otherwise normally. When all answers have been entered, the four sections in each row will be found to have one letter in common, as will the four sections in each column. When these letters have been placed on the corresponding blanks above the columns and beside the rows, they will describe how everything is connected. Answers include four proper nouns.


1. Clever little mammal that eats insects by day (6)
5. Capital way of operating boat (6)
9. Cut old executive department before November (4)
11. Western sound's beat (5)
13. Rode old horses around, maintaining a bountiful land (8)
15. broadcast is about half true (6)
16. Free to go, felt soooo fantastic (9)
18. Promoting falconry (7)
20. Scopes attorney initially getting into god of antiquity (5)
21. Dam site for a waterfowl (5)
22. In England, notices bananas, starved (7)
24. Meditation about wrong is fear-inducing program (9)
26. Fly up to an alien (3,3)
30. Liquid flow: pure and strong (8)
31. Picks out satisfactory cookware (5)
32. Recited poem was short (4)
33. Housing height, to little bird (6)
34. Provide with resilience (6)

1. That girl Friday takes in a bundle (5)
2. Steer Henry's van to the left of tree (4)
3. Name for a guy with a broken nose (4)
4. Unconventional clothing worn by monster (6)
5. Some hipsters take too many drugs Sunday after mass (4)
6. Listened to a pop singer and actress helping (5)
7. Vehicle with one adult parked around entertainment place for food (9)
8. Fret about senator suffering a reversal in consequence of a leak (7)
10. Present a trade for some candy (7)
12. Be lazy with regard to dictated diet (3-3)
14. Bark covering half of Indian dwelling aperture (3,6)
17. Enjoyed being quite blushing about a victory (7)
18. Musician's piano is acquired by Broadway wordsmith (7)
19. Key senior citizens group keeps quiet (1,5)
23. Back road has floods (6)
24. Blow on hot food processor? (5)
25. Fungus-covered shape in front of yard (5)
27. Great book, in my opinion (4)
28. Hold up spinning blade (4)
29. Something that burns in flue, unexpectedly (4)

The Atlantic Monthly; August 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 282, No. 2; page 111.

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