by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Three-Ring Circus

Each of this puzzle's three Rings (A, B, and C) is divided into three concentric Circles (a, b, and c) and 18 Sectors. Each of the nine Circles (Aa, Ab, etc.) contains three consecutive six-letter entries going clockwise from an unmarked starting point. The 12 numbered Sectors contain entries (1-12) of either nine or ten letters broken into three pieces, one piece per Ring, entered from the perimeter inward. Any piece may go in any of the Rings. Ten-letter answers have one four-letter piece (which may be the first, second, or third of the entry's three pieces) whose fourth letter protrudes into the center of its Ring. If all this is making your head spin, take heart; when every answer has been entered, you'll find the source of the dizzying effect in the nine letters filling the centers of the three Rings. Clue answers include four capitalized words.


Aa. Suddenly reveal Spanish circus to
Merv is prepared for realistic
Celebration somewhat satisfies
Ab. Writer's glassware found in a
Get up and go before excessive
ingestion, eating a container of
veggies (two words)
Glass rods seen in abstract Miró
Ac. Clinton initially playing tenor
Thoughts revolving around curricu -
lum's last part of a weekend in Paris
Political theorist's goal in creative
Ba. Jellyfish amused crackpot
Place to get a drink, say, in Tennessee
Quite a few farm machines initially
sent back
Bb. Commit poor Eve to sitting behind
Singer on the east side of Rhode
Island theater district
Lauder of makeup starting with true
guinea pig
Bc.Colonial leader married Eskimo
Disturbed sleep with a tickle
Make a mistake in addition task
a. Ice pinnacles frighten ship's pilot on
the way back
in jest, recast High Society? (two
A soothsayer's conclusion can answer
Cb. Janitor's helper fixed his melancholy
Publisher is one bringing legal action
Horsey adorned with bangles between
head and tail
Cc. Gym in a ghetto provides refuge
The first man in Maine married
woman abroad
King with a count's way of fighting

1. Detain navy in Turkey, heading west
for volcanic island
2. Again excite the attention of others
about bats in tree
3. Experimenter with freezing toes
crying miserably
4.Gang member led Quentin astray
5. With quiet bearing, reaches out for pipe
6. Cars backed up outside before
"Love Songs"
7. Steered northeast into purple and
8. Colleague with a bit of marijuana
caught by officer attending civil
9. Sunday, Peter takes Ed's racer
10. Strangely, negativism is efficient
11. Worn-out spot next to counter held by
a trio
12. Most sharp, stylish neckwear carried
by Kitty

The Atlantic Monthly; April 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 281, No. 4; page 119.

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Google Street View, Transformed Into a Tiny Planet

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