The May 1997 Puzzler

The May Puzzler


Slide Show

For your cryptic entertainment this month, we offer a Slide Show of . . . well, that's for you to find out. The clues for each row and column yield answers totaling 11 letters. Entries normally start and end within the unshaded central grid; however, some answers will fit only if they are slid intact so that the first or last letter projects into the shaded perimeter. Sliding an entry will leave a gap just before or after it; so in each row or column containing a "projector," one letter is supplied only by a crossing entry. When all the answers have been entered, the "projectors" in the shaded regions, reading clockwise from a
spot to be determined, will show where our travels took us. Eight answers
are capitalized.


1. Traveled by plane, and dictated passage (4)
Concentrated orange juice and piece of apple gulped back by famous horse (7)
2. Place to perform big hit of 1996 after the guy at the front leaves (5)
Irene gets stocks back out of a deal (6)
3. Security personnel not opening doors (7)
Cardinal is speaking no German (4)
4. Miserable condition after eating bit of rotten food (11)
5. Eliminate error after ages (5)
Mean streak is seen in tragic film with Peter Lorre (6)
6. Improves the goals of Dorothy's aunt? (6)
Good work unit's main obstacles? (5)
7. Spark visible to the audience (6)
African city falls behind, having nothing (5)
8. Utterly in confusion, with vermin biting in a predacious way (11)
9. Vigorous martyr of the Revolution (4)
Snack food commercial directed toward alcoholic on the rebound (7)
10. Fred's finale with cane, perhaps! (5)
Regarding this Spielberg movie, absorbed by larger-than-life character (6)
11. Repeat the aforementioned piece of trivia in party (5)
Overhauled Soviet unit (6)
12. Brother liberal embracing resistance (5)
Crazy, low-grade housing is put together the wrong way (6)
13. Talk-show host, on the subject of woman's name (6)
Fold coat at hearing (5)
14. Advanced religious observance (4)
Elderly one put in one very small change? (7)
15. Seen from behind, light yellow blemishes (5)
Terrible court conduct (6)
16. New York legislator with passion entering capital (6,5)
17. Fields are adjacent to a school (5)
Side excursion to lodges in Westward regretted (6)
18. Determined effort accepted by biblical judge with abandon (11)
19. Within certain limits, damage is done (6)
Played a recording with English tenor making a comeback (5)
20. Night-life city associated with Irish artist (6)
One run gained by a hot slugger (5)
21. Introduce former world leader (5)
Precious record set back study (6)
22. Dines out around noon in casual clothing (6)
Fifty parts fill agenda (5)



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