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#Lebanon #LatestBombing

He Hunted Osama bin Laden, He Breaks Into Nuclear-Power Plants

The unlikely career of Dalton Fury

The Vodka Wars

A very short book excerpt

The Pope in the Attic: Benedict in the Time of Francis

What’s it like for the first living ex-pope in 600 years to watch from up close as the successor he enabled dismantles his legacy? 

In Defense of Empire

It can ensure stability and protect minorities better than any other form of order. The case for a tempered American imperialism.

Hitler’s Airport

Berlin has buried every trace of the Third Reich—with one big exception.

The IKEA Toy That Became an Icon of Rage

A spate of stuffed-wolf attacks strikes Hong Kong

Big in Italy: Miracles

A new tabloid covers saintly celebs.

My Bizarre Trip to Burma’s Drug Elimination Museum

What the war on drugs looks like in Rangoon

Taking Credit for China: Nixon vs. Kissinger

A very short book excerpt

Big in Norway: Slow TV

Why an entire nation enjoys footage of logs burning and salmon swimming upstream

China's Latest Video-Game Craze

The War No Image Could Capture

Photography has given us iconic representations of conflict since the Civil War—with a notable exception. Why, during the Great War, the camera failed. 

Where They Drink Whiskey in the Morning

A cruise around the Hebrides, the Scottish islands that inspired Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, and Robert Louis Stevenson

The Burka Avenger

The star of a new Pakistani cartoon fights crime in a decidedly modest getup.

The Devil’s Daughter

Marine Le Pen is fast becoming a mainstream political leader. What does that say about the National Front, the far-right party she inherited from her father, Jean-Marie? What does it say about France?

The New Terrorist Training Ground

Last year, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb did something no other modern terrorist group has: conquered a broad swath of a sovereign country—Mali. Since then, despite French intervention, northern Mali has become a jihadist  front, with Islamist militants flowing in from around the world. While America remains focused on threats from the Middle East and South Asia, the new face of terror is likely to be African. 

How Three Weeks in New Zealand Changed My Relationship With Food

A journey from table to farm

Not a Berliner Anymore: Trashing the JFK Legend in Germany

... while Obama's popularity takes a hit there, too

'I Hate Vacations'

A conversation with Paul Theroux

The Maasai People Take Back Their Brand

The Killing Machines

How to think about drones

The U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea

... and now lives in Japan selling crackers

Did an 8-Year-Old Spy for America?

When U.S. allies in Yemen needed help targeting an alleged al-Qaeda operative for an American drone strike, evidence suggests they turned to one of the people closest to him.

Tasmania: Maybe the Most Unforgettable Place Ever

It has history, beauty, wallabies, devils, prisons, cricket matches, museums, brewpubs …


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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