One Day University

December 7, 2013
Washington, DC, District of Columbia


The Atlantic launched a partnership with One Day University, a collaboration that brought renowned professors from the country's leading universities to present their best lectures LIVE on December 7. One Day University hosts events around the country, but this marked the first extension of the series in Washington, D.C. The event allowed attendees to participate in a community of like-minded people who believe that education does not end the day you are handed your diploma.

Disciplines covered history, psychology, music, science, politics, economics, and philosophy. Those who joined us on December 7 include:
  • Marvin Chun, Professor of Psychology at Yale University on “How The Brain Works: Why We Do What We Do”
  • Thomas Kelly, Professor of Music at Harvard University on “Why Beethoven's Ninth: The Story Behind the Masterpiece”
  • Joseph Luzzi, Professor of Italian at Bard College on “Four Books Every Book Lover Should Read”
  • Louis Masur, American Studies Professor at Rutgers University on “Abraham Lincoln: What We Know Now”
  • Catherine Sanderson, Psychology Professor at Amherst College on “Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness”
  • Wendy Schiller, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Brown University on “What Would the Founding Fathers Think of America Today?”
  • Ori Soltes, Department of Theology at Georgetown University on “Why the Middle East is a Mess and Always Has Been”
  • William Burke White, Deputy Dean and Professor of Law at University of Pennsylvania on “Why Politicians View the World the Way They Do”


For questions about the event or potential underwriting opportunities, please email Eleni Savopoulos.

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Atlantic Live


  • William W. Burke-White
    William W. Burke-White Deputy Dean and Professor of Law University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Marvin Chun
    Marvin Chun Professor of Psychology Yale University
  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music, Head Tutor Harvard University
  • Joseph Luzzi
    Joseph Luzzi Associate Professor of Italian Bard College
  • Louis Masur
    Louis Masur Distinguished Professor, American Studies and History Rutgers University
  • Catherine Sanderson
    Catherine Sanderson James E. Ostendarp Professor of Psychology Amherst College
  • Wendy Schiller
    Wendy Schiller Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Brown University
  • Ori Soltes
    Ori Soltes Lecturer, Department of Theology Georgetown University

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