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June 27 – July 3, 2014 Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen Ideas Festival is the quintessential gathering of leaders from across the nation and the world. In 2014, we celebrated a decade of idea sharing, learning, and forward thinking with seven days of sessions and programming featuring some of the biggest names across industries.

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The United States, the Jewish State, and the Future of the Middle East (WATCH)
Speakers: Jeffrey Goldberg, Michael B. Oren

Festival Opening and Welcome: What's the Big Idea (WATCH)
Speakers: Walter Isaacson, David G. Bradley

Building Our Economy: A Conversation with Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors (WATCH)
Speakers: Jason Furman, David Leonhardt


Unlocking Opportunity through Trade (WATCH)
Speakers: Michael Froman, Steve Clemons

Hybrids to Hydrogen to Robots? Delivering the Future of Mobility Today (WATCH)
Speakers: Osamu Nagata, Andrew Ross Sorkin

Future Megacities and the Fate of Millions (WATCH)
Speakers: Luís Bettencourt, Shirish Sankhe, Kennedy Odede, Greg Lindsay

Imagining 2024: Urban America (WATCH)
Speakers: Bruce Katz, Jeff Speck, Janette Sadik-Khan, Kasim Reed, Sommer Mathis, Mitch Landrieu

In Depth: California Courts Define a New Way Forward for Teachers (WATCH)
Speakers: John Deasy, Randi Weingarten, Ray Suarez

In Conversation with “House of Cards” Creator Beau Willimon (WATCH)
Speakers: Beau Willimon, Michael Eisner

Will Violence be Our Legacy? (WATCH)
Speakers: Mitch Landrieu

"Marketplace" Presents: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Numbers (WATCH)
Speakers: Kai Ryssdal, Beau Willimon, Tony Fadell, Jennifer Pahlka


Balancing Instruments of Power in a Multi-Polar World (WATCH)
Speakers: Mike Mullen, Jeffrey Goldberg

Learning for a New Era (WATCH)
Speakers: John Fallon, Craig Mundie, John Palfrey, John Deasy, David Kirkpatrick

Airbnb: How the Sharing Economy is Redefining the Marketplace and Our Sense of Community (WATCH)
Speakers: Brian Chesky, Jennifer Bradley

Arab Spring or Middle East Chaos? (WATCH)
Speakers: Marwan Muasher, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Steve Clemons, George Mitchell

The Changing World of Work in a Networked Economy (WATCH)
Speakers: Ping Fu, Craig Mundie, Tim O'Reilly

Who Will “Us” Be? (WATCH)
Speakers: Eric Liu, Anand Giridharadas, Michele Norris, Paul Taylor, Monica Lozano

The Service Year: Creating a New Cultural Norm (WATCH)
Speakers: Stanley A. McChrystal, Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Elliot Gerson

Climate Change and the Fate of our Forests (WATCH)
Speakers: Brian J. Enquist, Jerry Murdock, Chris Lane

National Security 2024: What Might Liberty Look Like? (WATCH)
Speakers: Andrew Ross Sorkin, Michael Hayden

How is Our Economy Doing? A Conversation with Jason Furman and David Rubenstein (WATCH)
Speakers: David M. Rubenstein, Jason Furman, Gillian Tett


In Conversation with Drew Faust and Lawrence Summers (WATCH)
Speakers:Drew Gilpin Faust, Lawrence H. Summers, Walter Isaacson

The Politics and Economics of Inequality (WATCH)
Speakers:Robert Reich

Imagining 2024: The Most Dangerous Place in the World (WATCH)
Speakers: Michael B. Oren, James Steinberg, Strobe Talbott, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jane Harman

Fracking: Is There a Fix to the Fight? (WATCH)
Speakers: Fred Krupp, John Hickenlooper, Gillian Tett

Afternoon of Conversation
Speakers: Jon Batiste, Drew Gilpin Faust, David M. Rubenstein, Walter Isaacson, Indra K. Nooyi, David G. Bradley, Jeffrey Goldberg, Michele Norris, Andrea Mitchell, Eric Liu, Melody Barnes, Hari Kondabolu, Gwen Ifill, Al Gore, David Gergen, Tony Blair, David Petraeus, Bob Schieffer, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Facebook Presents: Hillary Rodham Clinton in conversation with Walter Isaacson (WATCH)
Speakers: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Walter Isaacson


Russia and the World (WATCH)
Speakers: Strobe Talbott, Angela Stent, Fiona Hill, Nicholas Burns

Income Inequality: The Hard Truths (WATCH)
Speakers: Steven Rattner, Stephen J. Adler

Facebook, Google, and the Future of Free Speech (WATCH)
Speakers: Jeffrey Rosen, Monika Bickert, Nicole Alston

Experts Project: What will the Map of the Middle East Look Like? (WATCH)
Speakers: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Shadi Hamid, Dalia Mogahed, Jeffrey Goldberg

Love and Life in General (WATCH)
Speakers: Katie Couric, David Brooks

The Dope on Pot: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Katie Couric in Conversation (WATCH)
Speakers: John Hickenlooper, Katie Couric

Prepping Our Kids for College: What Will the Next Decade Teach Us? (WATCH)
Speakers: Jane Stoddard Williams, David Coleman

No Time to Spare: Getting National and International Climate Solutions Back on Track (WATCH)
Speakers: Fred Krupp, Coral Davenport


The Constitution, from Drafting to Ratification: A User’s Guide (WATCH)
Speakers: Jeffrey Rosen, David M. Rubenstein

A Formula for Happiness (WATCH)
Speakers: Arthur C. Brooks

News at the Speed of Data (WATCH)
Speakers: Ted Bailey, Jim Bankoff, Vivian Schiller, Isaac Lee, Chris Altchek

A New Cold War with Russia? (WATCH)
Speakers: Michael McFaul

In Depth: Should We Design Our Babies? (WATCH)
Speakers: Nita A. Farahany, James Bennet, Marcy Darnovsky

Higher Education Policy Report Card: Marking Progress (WATCH)
Speakers: Arne Duncan, David Leonhardt

John Lewis: An Icon on the March (WATCH)
Speakers: John Lewis, Gwen Ifill


Stress Test: Reflections on the Financial Crisis (WATCH)
Speakers: Timothy Geithner, James Fallows

Pathway to a State: Is it Possible? (WATCH)
Speakers: Salam Fayyad, Thomas L. Friedman

Crisis in the Ukraine: Where is this Leading? (WATCH)
Speakers: Vitaliy Sych, Viktoria Siumar, Thomas L. Friedman

In Conversation with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (WATCH)
Gina McCarthy, Hari Sreenivasan

21st Century Workforce (WATCH)
Speakers: Penny Pritzker, Walter Isaacson

Closing Session: Aspen Ideas To Go (WATCH)

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