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  • Roundtable Dinner

    The Atlantic hosted a roundtable discussion on the advancement of policy and research in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • Women of Washington

    The Atlantic's series of interviews with eminent women leaders in Washington continues—this time it featured a conversation with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

  • Technologies in Education 2014

    For the fourth year in a row, The Atlantic examined the new policies and tools that are revolutionizing the way our students learn and our teachers teach, from educational video gaming to online learning.

  • An American Town Hall: New Orleans

    In advance of the 2014 midterm elections, The Atlantic travelled around the country to examine the political, economic, scientific, and social imperatives for crafting future energy policy.

  • The Power of Two

    The Atlantic's July cover story author Joshua Wolf Shenk joined Alix Spiegel to consider the question of what it means to be creative—and how many people it takes.

  • Roundtable Dinner

    The Atlantic gathered a group of leaders for a conversation on measuring and valuing sustainability across industries.  

  • Roundtable Dinner

    The Atlantic convened a group of leaders across industry, and academia, to discuss the way forward to a clean energy future.

  • Building The Future

    In the fourth event of the series, The Atlantic explored the new technologies, workforce skills and policies that are strengthening the resurgence of the manufacturing sector.

  • Women of Washington

    A series of interviews featuring eminent women leaders in Washington kicked off with a conversation with Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

  • Aspen Ideas Festival 2014

    For one week, The Atlantic set up camp in Aspen, Colorado, for on-the-ground reporting, video broadcasts, photos, and social media updates.

  • Spotlight: Health

    For three days, the biggest conversations in health occurred in Aspen, Coloradoand we have video broadcast of the sessions, photos, and updates from Twitter.

  • View from the Top

    The Atlantic returned to New York for a one-on-one interview with private equity investor Paul Levy.

  • The Case for Reparations

    Ta-Nehisi Coates joined Jeffrey Goldberg to discuss the case he makes for reparations in this month's landmark cover story.

  • Building The Future

    The Atlantic traveled to Richmond, VA, for the third in our series of “Building the Future” events. Featuring interviews and panel discussions, this program explored the new technologies, workforce skills, and policies that are strengthening the resurgence of the manufacturing sector.

  • Atlantic Exchange featuring David Ignatius and Valerie Plame

    On May 28, The Atlantic hosted authors and intelligence experts, David Ignatius and Valerie Plame, for an evening Atlantic Exchange featuring a discussion on the world of international espionage and their experiences with the real people and places behind their famous writings. 

  • A New America: Washington, D.C.

    The Atlantic and National Journal hosted the fourth and final event in a series of town hall events on how millennials are engaging in entrepreneurship and service. Government officials, entrepreneurs, and millennials themselves shared insights on how this influential generation is choosing to pursue meaningful careers.

  • Future of Medicine: A Conversation on Cost and Value

    The Atlantic hosted an exploration into affordable quality care, international drug pricing, and the importance of maintaining active research and development.

  • Atlantic Exchange with Marc Andreessen

    On May 19, The Atlantic hosted a conversation between Mozilla co-founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and Editor-in-Chief James Bennet.

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